Zaak Flash

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Zaak Flash
Npc elfmale zakkflash.png
RoleDrug dealer

Zaak Flash is a merchant in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

This elf has clearly seen better days. His skin is weathered and emaciated, as though it has been stretched too tightly over his frame. Track marks line the crooks of his arms, and dirty bandages wrap his knuckles. Despite all of this, he seems cheerful enough. The elf fixes his twinkling, bugged-out eyes on yours and offers you a broad smile, displaying a set of impossibly white teeth. When he speaks to you, his voice is surprisingly deep.

Zaak is actually a human who has underwent cosmetic surgery to make himself resemble an elf, in order to boost his sales.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Zaak is a drug dealer, no two ways about it. He sells his own concoction, Flash, as well as Nitro and Kamikaze.
  • You can bring him drug formulas to increase his offer.
  • You can examine his bandaged hands to learn about his... Magical pursuits. If you have Biotech 3, you can find out a few interesting facts about Mr Flash. If you interrogate him about his ears, you can earn a Flash and ¥50.
    • You can actually earn double that if you're an elf - first confront him using Biotech, then examine his bandaged hands as an elf. You will be able to use the Biotech dialogue option again.