Xabier Ezkibel

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Xabier Ezkibel
Npc elfmale docxabier.png
RolePurveyor of medicine and cyberware
LocationKreuzbasar (Triage Cyberclinic)
The Sewers

Doc Xabier is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

The Spanish proprietor of the Triage Cyberlinic at the Kreuzbasar, Xabier is a slick operator, offering his services to the highest bidder. He is a talented surgeon nonetheless, and his services as a cyberware installer are highly prized - in the Flux State. Outside, he is a controversial figure; due to machinations by Shiawase, he was accused of malpractice, fraud, fencing stolen gear, the works. His public image was destroyed and the Free City was the only real alternative.

The reason behind the corp's attack is that he commissioned a Berlin-based R&D lab to produce generic bioware copies that would undercut the competition. He was bankrolling their research with proceeds from his clinics in exchange for experimental technologies - but the company never held up their end of the deal, as they were sealed in due to a freak soykaf incident.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Xabier is the person you need to negotiate with at the end of The Sewers run.
  • Xabier will accept any cyberware schematics you find and turn them into installable cyberware - if you have the nuyen. He also offers a selection of medical supplies and cyberware.
  • Xabier will offer the Lockdown run after you complete two other assignments, to retrieve his payment from the company that cheated him.
  • If you talked to Simmy frequently, eventually you'll find out that the doc has a soft spot for her. Turns out that he operated on her during her miscarriage. As expected, he asks you to keep this fact hush-hush, should you ask him about it.