Van Graas

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Van Graas
AffiliationSeamstresses Union
LocationSeamstresses Union
Character Statistics

Van Graas is a character in Shadowrun Returns.

Background[edit | edit source]

Van is the resident fence at the Seamstresses Union. He buys most of the special loot acquired on runs, such as records and precious stones.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

He buys the following items.

  • Precious stones acquired during The Penthouse Suite. 1,000 Nuyen, 1,500 nuyen (Charisma 5 or Strength 6) and 2,000 nuyen (Academic Etiquette).
  • Incriminating evidence acquired during The Warehouse (Decking 4). 800 nuyen, 1,000 nuyen (Shadowrunner etiquette).
  • BTL buyer diary acquired during Coyote's Crusade. 800 nuyen, 1,000 nuyen (Gang etiquette).
  • Ares flight recorder acquired during Spirit Talk. 1,000 nuyen, 1,200 nuyen (Corporate etiquette).
  • 2044 Super brawl ring acquired during Mercy Mental Hospital. 1,200 nuyen.
  • Record of payments acquired during Beneath the Brotherhood. 2,000 nuyen, 2,500 nuyen (Shadowrunner etiquette) and 3,000 nuyen (Socialite etiquette).

Other special loot[edit | edit source]