Uninvited Guests

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Uninvited Guests
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Mandatory objectives
  • Extract Cheung-Sing "Rooster" Lo
  • Locate Rooster's Dining Room
  • Capture "Rooster"
  • Use the Service Entrance to Get Outside
  • Access the Docking Bay to Escape
Optional objectives
  • Kill Johnny "The Talon"
  • Protect Cheung-Sing "Rooster" Lo From All Harm
  • LocationThe Shangri-La
    RewardsMaximum ¥1600 + ¥50/250 (fish) + ¥250 (paydata), 2 + 6 Karma

    Uninvited Guests is a mission in Hong Kong.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    A tangle of marine decorum, restless lights, and ambrosial scents mingle atop a floating quay to accent the Shangri-La - Aberdeen Harbour's premier dining location. With competitive views of the surrounding bay, the restaurant attracts a steady crowd of tourists and Wuxing personnel.

    The primary moneyman for the 289s, Cheung-Sing "Rooster" Lo, is enjoying a rare meal outside of triad-held territory. Intel says he's set up in one of the restaurant's private dining rooms - but he's not alone. Rooster keeps a personal bodyguard, a notorious ork called "the Talon," in addition to his regular security detail. You've seen photos of the Talon's handiwork... bodies so battered it's hard to tell where one bruise ends and the next begins.

    Your mission: locate Rooster, extract him from the Shangri-La, and deliver him to your client alive. Simple, fast, low profile. Of course, even the simplest of runs can go sideways...

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • Welcome to the Shangri-La. In the final fight of this run, you'll be left with only 3 members of the team. As such, consider killing the Talon in the dining room before grabbing Rooster Lo. If he is lured away, or poisoned, he'll show up at the final fight.

    Ground Floor[edit | edit source]

    • In keeping with the above strategy, simply grab a seat/drink and wait for your cue.
    • Go upstairs after the waiter comes running down to the chef.

    First Floor[edit | edit source]

    • Enter Rooster's dining room. Fight and take out all hostiles. Killing the Talon will net you 2 Karma.
    • After getting the key from Rooster, head over to the room on the left. Grab a fish for ¥50; Etiquette: Academic will increase this to ¥250.
    • Leave the restaurant. From now on, Rooster will be controllable. Since there is an optional objective to keep him safe, chuck him in a faraway corner for the fights in the next segment.

    Outdoors[edit | edit source]

    • First, you'll encounter two triad members. Dispose of them.
    • The docking bay door will require the attention of one crew member. Alternatively, there's a Matrix jack-in point to the left. Fight off the pursuers with the remaining 3. If you're using a decker to unlock the door, you'll be doing the Matrix run concurrently with the fight in meatspace.
    • After the fight, but before you leave, jack into the Matrix. Besides unlocking the bay door (which is not necessary now), you can hack the restaurant's reservation list as paydata.