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Totems are animal spirits which shamans follow. Player characters who have at least 3 levels in Spirit Summoning will be able to choose a totem, allowing passive or active benefits.

Shadowrun Returns[edit | edit source]

  • There are five animal totems that players can select from in Shadowrun Returns.
    • Eagle is the only totem that requires allies to remain within the area of effect after casting.
    • Eagle is exceptional for the final part of the game, in order to effectively kill True Form Insects. However, for all other portions of the game another choice will be better, due to the frequent use of grenades by the enemy.
Name Icon Description Grants Range Duration Cooldown
Bear Srr auras bear.png Bear is powerful, gentle, wise, and a protector of all the natural world. Heals all allies within range of the damage from their most recent wound. 3 - 3
Cat Srr auras cat.png Cat is secretive, sly, and stealthy and very hard to trap. Dodge +1 to all allies within range when cast. 3 3 1
Coyote Srr auras coyote.png Coyote is unpredictable and ever changing. He is the trickster. Quickness +1 to all allies within a range when cast. 3 3 1
Eagle Srr auras eagle.png Eagle is proud and keen sighted. He sees all. +15% to hit for all allies within range. 3 2 1
Raccoon Srr auras raccoon.png Raccoon is cunning and curious with a strategic mind and a thief's insight. Move +2 to all allies within range when cast. 2 2 1

Shadowrun: Dragonfall[edit | edit source]

  • See here for the list of totems in Dragonfall.

Shadowrun: Hong Kong[edit | edit source]

  • See here for the list of totems in Hong Kong.

Campaign NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • Returns, Sangoma follows the Bear, and Shannon Half-Sky follows the Coyote.
  • Returns, during the final battle, Jessica Watts can use the Insect totem unavailable to the player.
  • Dragonfall, Dietrich follows the Dragonslayer totem.
  • Hong Kong, Gobbet follows the Rat totem.