The Universal Brotherhood

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Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to Sally, look at box with empty cards, talk to Sally again to tell her of Maria Mercurial outside, watch her leave and take a blank keycard.
  • Go south then west to dining room, at ladder dip card into solvent or melt it on stove (optionally take kerosene can; can be put on stove to lure cook out).
  • Go north then west, tell Christopher you got mugged in the barrens, take a blank keycard from the shelves, go to computer.
  • Decking 6 to print an inner sanctum keycard, otherwise see picture frame slightly north, then computer, admin recovery "Shorty", authorize keycard "Monica Sachnoff" (SEA134-647).
  • Move to flat desk computer to see that Monica lives in Dorm B. Go slightly east to waste baskets, discover that Monica has a little brother "Brian" (Baby Bree). Now go to to first computer again and enter all data to get a "home access card".
  • Go south into restricted area. East: human/elf female uniform, inner sanctum keycard in locker (force open). West: human male uniform. South, then east: human female uniform. West: Box with Shane's (Coyote's man) belongings, human male uniform (note: after letting team in, uniforms are unavailable).
  • Go south to kitchen, then further to storage room, take lard and chloroform. Further east, lockers have dwarf janitor uniform and keycard, troll and ork janitor uniforms, human/elf janitor uniform.
  • In janitor uniform, talk to Willy to lure him into storage room, then use chloroform to take uniform and inner sanctum card.
  • Back to kitchen, tell cook that Sally asked for her.
  • Apply grease to vending machine, then push. Let the team in, take shortcut behind vending machine (preferable) or go to turret-guarded entrance pretending to be a rather unfriendly Julie.