The Sinking Ship

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The Sinking Ship
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Mandatory objectives
  • Get Below Deck
  • Investigate the Disturbance on Sinking Ship
  • Find Gobbet
  • Reach the Bottom Deck
  • Stop the Rat King
  • Keep Your Crew Alive
Optional objectives
  • Find Cadmus
  • Find Malvina
  • Organize a Mutiny
  • Scuttle the Sinking Ship
  • Use the Alarm to Warn Cadmus
  • Find & Rearm Final Scuttling Charges
  • LocationSinking Ship
    Rewards1 + 8 Karma
    Special rulesIs0bel must be in party; max. party size = 2

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Hung Hom Bay. Captain Jomo's converted speedboat chops through the rough water like a cleaver through chicken bones, launching you skyward with every wave that it hits. Your destination: The Sinking Ship, Gobbet's former home.

    The ork pirate laughs and opens the throttle. Wind and rain lash your face as the floating amalgamation of shipping containers grows larger. You can see that it's stacked at least three containers deep, an inelegant brick of corrugated weathering steel. An assortment of pontoons, buoys, and other flotation devices have been lashed to the base of the raft to prevent it from tipping.

    You don't know what's happening here, or why Gobbet felt the need to go face it alone... but one way or another, you're about to find out.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • You can only bring Is0bel with you on this run.

    Above Deck[edit | edit source]

    • You are greeted by a pack of devil rats. Kill them.
    • Head over to the fire to chat with the locals.
    • Before following them below deck, loot the HE Phosphorus Grenade and Knight Errant Flashbang Grenade from the box in the lower right.
    • When you do try to follow, you'll be trapped on the wrong side of their anti-boarding trap, so...
    • You can try to fix the pump (Intelligence check) or ask Is0bel to do it.
    • You can go talk to the locals in the upper right corner of the raft for advice and flavor text. They will tell you to search the piles for a fuse and warn you of rats hiding inside of said piles.
      • If you press them for information, they tell you that the two locals from earlier had in fact seen Gobbit. Upon returning to them to install the fuse you can initiate a fight with them allowing you to avoid a fight with another pack of devil rats.
    • Search the piles and dispatch rats until you find the fuse.
    • Place the fuse in the pump and get ready for another pack of rats.
    • Climb below.

    Below Deck[edit | edit source]

    • If you can pass the charisma check (or start going agro?) then you can get past the door in the bottom right. (But you can get to it in a bit once you have the maintenance datapad.)
    • Talk to the ship inhabitant in the center room to acquire the maintenance datapad.
    • Use the maintenance datapad on the sparking wires around the corner to access the room that was locked before.
      • Chat with the Sick Dwarf. He'll ask you to bring Gobbet to see him before he dies.
    • Your guides turn hostile once you follow them.
    • Bring Gobbet back to the sick room to talk with the dwarf (Cadmus).
    • Convince Gobbet to help Cad with his mutiny. (Or sink the ship - this walkthrough assumes you try for the mutiny.)
    • Try to convince as many locals as you can to join the mutiny.
      • Local in the same room as Cadmus: Automatically joins mutiny.
      • Lees: becomes agro; take her out now while she's alone.
      • Mercurio (man who gave you the maintenance pad): Etiquette: Socialite, Strength, or bribe (500 nuyen). Or you can tell him that you'll sink the ship, and he'll be convinced to join the mutiny.
      • Man in top left corner by scratched decking: Etiquette: Shadowrunner can be used to convince him to join the mutiny. (maybe there's another way? bladed weapons perhaps?). You can also get him to join if you have Biotech rank 4
      • Yasmin: Gobbit steps in during the conversation, getting her to auto accept the mutiny.
      • Woman bleeding out (Sparrow): Heal her (Medkit, Biotech, heling spell, ask Gobbett) Give her a medkit and she'll join the mutiny.
    • If you have a rank of 5 in the "Melee Weapons" skill, you can impress Ivan Fu and he will tell you the location of his blade which was stolen and you can take.
    • Talk to Cadmus, then Yasmin, to learn how to get past the trap.
    • When you're ready, head to the upper right corner and through the first door. Inspect the trap mechanism and disarm the trap.
    • Open the next door and head through the transition.

    Bottom Deck[edit | edit source]

    • Open the door and assess the carnage. Convince Gobbet to stick to her promise not to scuttle the boat if you want to start a mutiny. You can scuttle the boat but it has no visible effect on the quest even if you informed Cadmus to start a mutiny instead of leaving the boat.
    • If you impressed Ivan Fu with a 5 rank in melee weapon skill, you can loot the "Serrated Machete" from one of the dead bodies here.
    • Head through the next door. You'll be greeted by another group of devil rats.
    • Pick up the Shamanic Salve in the bottom right room.
    • In the top left room, pull the lever twice to signal Cadmus to start the mutiny. (1 Karma)
    • Head to the center room to face the Rat King
    • After a few hits on Malvina/Rat King, Gobbet will spot the shiny object. Picking up the object will end Gobbet's turn, and she will be unavailable for a few turns.
    • Fight off the rats for a few turns. (Ignore the Rat King as it is invincible for the time being.)
    • Once Gobbet has control of the rats, attack the Rat King mercilessly.
    • Make a decision about the shiny object, and head back to Heoi.

    Aftermath[edit | edit source]

    • Talk to Gobbet. If you chose to send the shiny object to the bottom of the bay, she will tell you that Rat is happy and gave her a bauble. It turns out to be a temporary-insanity grenade.