The Sewers

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The Sewers
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Mandatory objectives
  • Fix the Water Pumps
Optional objectives
  • Locate the missing maintenance worker
  • Call Dr Ezkibel on the nearby commlink
  • Decide the fate of the ghouls
  • LocationKreuzbasar
    4 + 3 + 1 + 1 karma

    The Sewers is an optional mission in Dragonfall, given by a maintenance worker near Gunari after the second run.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    A ghostly labyrinth of tunnels and dead-end passageways makes up the network of sewers beneath the Kreuzbasar. You climb down the ladder into this shallow underworld and reel at the wave of foul smells that washes over you, clogging your sinuses and saturating your clothing.

    As your eyes adjust to the light, you find yourself standing at the edge of a narrow channel of murky gray-green water. The rush of churning water echoes down the tunnel.

    You catch a flash of motion in your peripheral vision. Something man-sized, moving fast, flitting across the far end of the tunnel. You strain your eyes to see it, but to no avail. The thing - whatever it is - is gone.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • Welcome to the sewers, hope you brought some perfume. The initial area around the sewer crossing is free of enemies. Locate the pump control panels to the north.
    • Next to your starting point are the turbine controls. With Decking 4, you can bypass the safety protocols and reactivate it manually. Otherwise, you need a code (822896).
    • Say hello to feral ghouls! They are exclusively close combat fighters, which is good. They can also infect you on contact, which is less so. Glory is useful as bait and tank, as usual. Block them on walkways over the sewers to avoid getting swarmed.
    • Head towards the opposite end of the sewer, to the control center. When you approach the console, you will be attacked by a pair of ghouls up front and three pushing from the main sewer. Overwatch works well to deal with those coming in from the back.
    • The missing maintenance worker is in the red-lit room near the turbine panel.
    • Activate the console and turn on the pumps to finish the run... Or is it finished yet? The ghoul leader approaches you.
    • Don't shoot him - and you will learn that Doc Xabier had a contract with the ghouls, exchanging medical waste for their maintenance services. Monika enforced it - and now that she's gone, he's reneging on the deal.
    • You have three choices:
      • Negotiate with Xabier Ezkibel.
      • Kill the ghouls.
      • Force them to flee the sewers.
    • If you negotiate, you'll be forced to broker a deal:
      • Pay a lump sum to get them off the hook - ¥1,000 (lower if you have Etiquette: Socialite or Shadowrunner.)
      • Broker a deal where Xabier keeps feeding them, but uses the ghouls to run various dirty jobs, depriving them of their humanity. Note: these two options will allow you to receive the monetary award in Lockdown.
      • Threaten him into submission. This option will cause you to receive ¥0 in Lockdown.
    • Whatever you choose, announce your decision to the ghoul leader - and leave. Dealing with the ghouls is worth 1 karma.