The Seamstresses Union

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The Seamstresses Union
Seamstresses union.jpg
Mandatory objectives
  • Find and Question Coyote
  • Seamstresses Union
  • Rewards
  • 5 KP
  • Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Relative to the rest of the Barrens, Touristville is a neon-clothed oasis. At its heart is the Seamstresses Union. Housed in an old brownstone building on the corner of 'illegal' and 'opportunity,' bums huddle together, gangers strut the streets, and the occasional salaryman comes slumming.

    The Union building has been retrofitted, rebuilt, and restored so many times that it's like an aging starlet wearing too much makeup in an attempt to stay young. The wild ivy growing out of the gutters adds to the effect.

    As you enter, the murmur of hushed conversation washes over you. The dive bar denizens raise theirs heads, take your measure, and then go back to their business. This is the kind of place where everyone knows your name but keeps to themselves.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Find and Question Coyote[edit | edit source]

    Go into the backroom and talk to Mrs. Kubota. She is concerned about Coyote, so she gives you Coyote's apartment key to find a clue to her whereabouts. Coyote's apartment is the third one from the stairs. On the wall is a framed painting of the Chicago skyline. Examine her diary on the bed to get clues about her location. On the third page is a picture of a young girl and her pet snake, "Shadow".

    the fourth page contains a receipt for a wall safe with the combination on it. Inside the safe is a Fichetti Frag Grenade.

    Use the computer.

    Get in to Coyote's Computer[edit | edit source]

    There are three questions. The first question, "Your first pet?" is "Shadow", the second question "Your favorite musical act?" is "Starfire", which Mrs. Kubota reveals as the band she has to ask Coyote to turn down regularly. Finally, "Hometown City?" is "Chicago". Select calendar to see that she is due to meet her boyfriend Paco today at Pike Place Market in 30 minutes.

    Speak with Mrs. Kubota[edit | edit source]

    Go downstairs and tell Mrs. Kubota about the meeting, she will call a cab, and wish you luck.

    Take the Cab to Pike Place[edit | edit source]

    Exit the Seamstresses Union and you're off to Pike Place Market