The Royale Apartments

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The Royale Apartments
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Mandatory objectives
  • Get to the Top Floor
Optional objectives
  • Save the Man's Son
  • Location
  • Royale Apartments
  • Rewards+3 Karma

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    You roll up on the most impressive bit of tenement squalor you've seen in a long time. There's few streetlamps here, and what light there is flickers with uncertainty. Most of the buildings are damaged and tagged. The smell of old, rotting trash mixed with you-don't-want-to-know is overwhelming.

    It's no wonder people living here turn to BTLs. Anything's better than this. The Better Than Life chip is the newest drug on the market. You don't need a good life - you can slot someone else's, live through them, and wreck your brain in the process.

    The front doors of the Royale Apartments aren't even locked. As you step inside, you can hear a junkie crying for another hit. It's time to find Coyote, and find out what she knows about the night of Sam's murder.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • There are three approaches to get to Coyote, the direct run-and-gun approach, the bluff, and the backdoor, and one optional quest on this level.

    (Optional) Save the Man's Son[edit | edit source]

    • Walk into the open door to the south to witness the confrontation between Ryker and Symp. One of Stevie J's goons, Ryker, is holding Symp's son Zipper hostage in payment for some dubious BTL debts.
    • Follow Symp to the west and talk to him. Zipper is being held in the simsense recording studio on this level and is being tortured to make a chip to put in Coyote. Offer to look into saving his son.
    • Go after Ryker
      • You can approach and try to kill Ryker, however, he'll run for the elevator and if he can use the intercom, two of the Stevie J's thugs will show up in a few turns. On one of them is a paper with the elevator passcode.
      • Alternatively, with Charisma: 3, you can charm Ryker into believing you want to be part of a violent BTL recording session, and he'll take you into the studio to meet Tickler and Zipper. Once inside, their guard will be down and it will be easier to silent them.
    • Talk to Zipper then to Symp for a +1 Karma reward.

    Get to the Top Floor #1 (Run-and-Gun)[edit | edit source]

    • If Ryder or Tickler has risen the alarm and you have dispatched the two thugs, you'll find a paper with the elevator passcode on one of them. Use that to go up to The Penthouse Suite.
    • They will be on their guard, but you've already dispatched two of them...

    Get to the Top Floor #2 (the Bluff)[edit | edit source]

    • If Ryker and Tickler failed to raise the alarm, you can still bluff your way upstairs.
      • Take the BTL recording from the studio.
      • Use the intercom to tell the crew upstairs that you have recording they want. They'll send the elevator down, take it to go up to the Penthouse Suite.

    Get to the Top Floor #3 (the Backdoor)[edit | edit source]

    • Conjure a spirit to scare the woman inside into opening the door.
    • With a drone: Get a drone through the small hole in the wall and open the door from the inside.
    • Talk to the Sad Old Man near the entrance to the Royale Apartments.
      • With Charisma: 4 or Strength: 4 you can sweet-talk or threaten the old geezer to let you go through his place and up the back stairs to the Penthouse Suite.