The Redmond Barrens

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The Redmond Barrens
Redmond Barrens.jpg
Mandatory objectives
  • Find Jake's Stash
  • Deal with the Halloweeners Gang
  • Visit the Murder Site
  • Investigate the Murder Site
LocationRedmond Barrens
Rewards5 KP, 1,700 possible Nuyen

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

You leave the sanitized death and formaldehyde of Organ Grinders behind, entering the anarchy and desperation of the streets. Jake stops a moment to breathe deeply, filling his lungs with motorcycle exhaust, radioactive dust, cordite and who knows what else. He exhales with an expression of wry contentment. The stench and grime tell him he's home.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Find Jake's Stash[edit | edit source]

Until this quest is completed the square is clear of enemies, and Close Combat characters can freely purchase Nitro, etc from Bobby.

  • Upon regaining control of your character, head left into the small alleyway and select the junkpile.
  • Clicking on it reveals Jake's Stash and outfits your character with a few basic items and class spells(if applicable).
  • Soon you will be ambushed by two nearby thugs. Focus your fire on the melee attacker first while taking cover behind the nearby dumpster.
    • Depending on difficulty this encounter can be simple, or result in death. Especially if using Drone Control as the risk of the thugs using grenades goes up greatly and they always attack first.

Free The Corner Market[edit | edit source]

  • Talk to the concerned man. Move north until you reach the corner and talk to the ganger extorting the corner market.
    • With Etiquette Gang you can make them go away quietly, but this results in no reward. Requires at least 2 Charisma.
    • Fighting them results in 48 Nuyen.
    • Intimidating them results in 200 nuyen. Requires 4 Strength.

Deal with the Halloweeners Gang[edit | edit source]

  • Move east until you reach a large area with a glowing tree; the halloweeners base of operations in this area.
  • You should be confronted by a Halloweener Sentry upon entering the area, leading to a fight.
    • There are three enemies to take down initially, focus on maintaining cover and having Jake stand on the nearby Leylines to improve his Spells. His accuracy is worse with offensive spells than firearms at medium and long ranges, at short it's worse also but the superior damage can be beneficial.
    • Once both sentries and the Halloweener Mage are taken down, the local gang boss John Paul appears.
    • Focus fire to take him down quickly before he can engage in any protracted melee combat with your characters.
    • Once you deplete approximately two thirds of his health, he will engage in conversation to beg for his life. Spare him or finish him off, there are no meaningful consequences to this decision.
    • Regardless of your choice, enjoy the Karma Point and move on to the next objective.

Visit the Murder Site[edit | edit source]

  • Choose the lower path and head northeast towards your objective until a short conversation starts.
  • Unfortunately Jake has other tasks to take care of, but he leaves you with 1000 nuyen as a parting gift.
  • Move to Officer Kuprik and William and start a conversation in order to get access to the crime scene. There are four options during the conversation, of which three will gain you the required access to the nearby crime scene.
    • If you have the etiquette Security you can immediately convince the policeman to let you in.
    • You can bribe him 100 Nuyen for access.
    • You can also give him a donut and soykaf coffee which can be purchased nearby from Dan the Donut Man, in order to gain access. This only costs 10 nuyen, making security and the other option useless.
    • Lastly you can attempt to Lie your way past the officer, however this is always unsuccessful.

Investigate the Murder Site[edit | edit source]

  • In order to complete your investigation you must interact with all objects in the area, as well as questioning William, Sally and Dan the Donut Man about the murder.
  • The Test Tube Piece and Bar Tab Receipt are the key items here, along with the Coat and Blankets which can be given to William.
  • Upon completing your investigation here its time to move nothwest up the street and onto our next quest, The Seamstresses Union.