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The Engineer

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The Engineer
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Mandatory objectives
  • Locate the Engineer
  • Eiger Must Survive
  • Use the Cyberware Deactivator on the Engineer
  • The Engineer Must Survive
  • Do Not Let the Engineer Escape
LocationSchattennest, Berlin
Rewards2 karma
Steyr AUG-CSL or Voltaic Grenade for Eiger
Special rules
  • Only you and Eiger are available.
  • The Engineer is a mission in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Schattennest. The kiez next door to the Kreuzbasar, and an object lesson in anarchy gone wrong. Violent gangs rule the streets here, trading territory to the roar of gunfire. The streets are a warzone.

    As dangerous as Schattennest already is, it could be worse. The gangs are vicious, but disorganized - they pose little risk to their neighbors. With little more than a makeshift barricade and a few volunteers, the Kreuzbasar has successfully insulated itself from the chaos of its neighboring kiez.

    The Engineer could change all of that. He has to be stopped, and the F-State as a whole needs to be alerted to what his clients are trying to do. It's up to you and Eiger to make sure that happens.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • Welcome back to the Schattennest. The kiez gatekeeper will let you through, since you didn't die when you faced Humanis (and you did, right?).
    • At the crossroads, inspect the cardboard box to find a credstick with ¥50 - ¥75. Take it or leave it.
    • There is also some Bliss in a trash pile as you round a bend in the alley.
    • Head down the alleyways in the upper right corner of the screen. When approaching the courtyard, Eiger will note the presence of a Rammbock gang and suggest going around. You can bypass the checkpoint by going down the alley just north of them. Head through the hole in the chainlink fence to enter the large parking area. You can talk to the pot seller and gain some info with Etiquette: Street and ¥25 or ¥50 - ¥75 .
    • The warehouse up north is your target. To enter, you can:
      • Use Decking 5 to bypass the keypad, entering silently.
      • Eiger suggests blowing it up with a propane tank. It's a solution, but will alert everyone inside. There's a propane tank on the back of a camper in the southeast corner, near the second group of gangers you probably skipped.
      • Go back to the pot seller, and use Etiquette: Street, Strength 5 (doesn't work in Director's Cut), or ¥500.
      • (Code is 2924.)

    Warehouse[edit | edit source]

    • Welcome to the warehouse - you can see your target on the other side of the glass. Enter combat. Fight through the ranks of the Rammbock and pursue your target into the streets.
    • You can confront him outside. You need to use the deactivator on him, so keeping close is a must. A flashbang grenade or any other tool that stuns enemies is extremely useful. You can also bring +AP drugs (like Cram) along and use that to close the distance.
    • After you deactivate him, two Rammbock gangsters will enter the area. Afterwards, Eiger will ask you to get him into the warehouse. Time to interrogate.

    Interrogation[edit | edit source]

    • The goal here is to make Yuli Kozlov spill his guts. After Eiger gives him a slight dose of pain, he spills two names: Tamanous and Beetle, a ghoul. But that isn't enough. Eiger will be convinced that he's hiding something and ask you to find some intel to corroborate the lies - while she does what needs to be done.
    • To find intel, you need to check:
      • A ledger in the entrance area.
      • The courier drone near the rear loading bay. With Intelligence 2, you can note that it has an anti-tampering device, while with Decking/Rigging 4, you can rig into it and try to open it only to realize that there's a particularly good barrier in place.
        • With Drone Control 6, you'll pass a hidden check and the drone will be yours. At 4 or 5, you'll accidentally trip the safeguard, giving the same result as smashing the plastic.
        • If you gave Eiger the ledger from the prior room, you'll know the password to be "Wednesday." Open the drone and extract the chip.
        • If you try to force your way into the drone, it will explode and destroy the cargo. You can save the chip with Quickness 6, but you'll be hurt in the process.
      • You can find a dead body near the exit to the streets. With Biotech 4, you can inspect it to find a partially-melted simjack in his cranial slot. Otherwise, once you give Eiger the chip, she'll ask you to find it and you'll automatically produce it.
    • Once you bring the burnt-out chip back, the Engineer finally reveals who he's working for: Winternight.
    • Afterwards, you can demand him to sweeten the deal and give him the chip or have Eiger cut his throat.
      • Letting Eiger kill Yuli.
      • Sweetening the deal with a custom Steyr AUG-CSL.
        • Once he reveals the location of the rifle, it turns out that his jack is dead as well, after the deactivation. You can kill him.
        • Whoops. Looks like Winternight knows a thing or two about covering tracks.
        • Grab the rifle and get out of there.