The Drug Pit

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The Drug Pit
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Mandatory objectives
  • Locate Green Winters
  • Find a way to access the hotel area
  • Talk to Frank
  • Search Green Winters' Room
  • Return to the Kreuzbasar
Optional objectives
  • Retrieve Silke's belongings
  • Return Silke's belongings
  • Answer the Vidphone
  • Meet the Man on the Top Floor
  • Open the Vault
  • LocationDas Kesselhaus Hotel & Nightclub

    The Drug Pit is the second mission of Dragonfall, after the ill-fated Harfeld Manor Run.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Das Kesselhaus-Hotel & Nightclub. Crown jewel of Drogenkippe, the filthiest kiez in Berlin. Opening the door to the ground-level dance club is like bashing your head into a wall of sound. Flashing lights stab your eyes, and the air is perfumed with cheap synthohol and engine grease. Everything in here is cranked up to 11. A playground for the numb.

    Green Winters is somewhere in this building. You steel yourself for the sensory assault and step inside. The team makes a quick check of their weapons and follows you into Das Kesselhaus.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    Ground floor: Nightclub[edit | edit source]

    • With Gang or Corporate etiquette, you can get Frank to give you the elevator key.
    • With an Intelligence check and Charisma 5, you can get the key to the elevator and ¥200 from Frank respectively.
    • If you decide to attack and kill Frank to gain the key, you gain the Achievement "Application of Force".
    • If you decide to help Silke get her stuff back and convince her to stop using drugs, you can gain 2 karma points and ¥100.
    • You can convince Silke to get off the drugs if you have two of the following four criteria: Intelligence 3, Charisma 3, Biotech 1, and Etiquette: Street. If you fight Frank for the key, you won't be able to get her stuff back as she will run with the other clients.

    Floor 1: Hotel[edit | edit source]

    • Room 101 contains a safe whose password cannot be directly obtained in the game. The password must be guessed and its clue is hidden on the wall which has a poster of Chicago city posted on it. The password is "Naperville", which is a well-to-do suburb of Chicago. Alternatively, you can just bypass the password check with Decking 2. The safe contains an Ares Predator (Smartlink). The room also contains a random amount of nuyen.
    • The maintenance room is the first room on the right hand side of the floor and can only be opened if you have acquired the maintenance key fob. You will find random amount of nuyen in the room.
    • Room 103's wall which is located near the bathroom can be broken with Strength 3. The room contains a diary from which you can obtain the code for the bathroom of the third floor.
    • Room 106 contains a BuMoNA trauma kit.

    Floor 2: Employees only[edit | edit source]

    • Prepare for combat beyond the initial hallway. There are five goons in total, armed with low level weapons. Not much of a threat.
    • The hotel console can be used to gain information on guests and the hotel, including Winter's door code. Admin password is admin.
    • There's a maintenance key fob in the back, which unlocks the maintenance rooms on hotel floors. There are three maintenance rooms, one on the first floor, the second on the third floor and the last one on the the fourth floor. These rooms are the first rooms on the right side of each floor with a sign reading "Wartung" (German for maintenance) attached near their doors.
    • When you drop down from the floor above, you can talk to a frightened man, who reveals that he shut himself in when the shooting started. You can ask about the stiff in the room and mention that he could stuff him in the freezer (Intelligence 3) to gain a karma point.

    Floor 3: Hotel[edit | edit source]

    • Don't open room 302. Really, just don't. There's nothing to loot in the room.
    • Room 304 contains Silke's stuff: Her credit stick, teddy bear, and cook book (A COOK BOOK). Retrieve and return them.
    • Room 305 contains a damaged floor that can take you into the locked section of the floor below.
    • The maintenance room is the first room on the right hand side of the floor and can only be opened if you have acquired the maintenance key fob. The room contains the Cram drug.
    • The bathroom requires a keycode (code 2478 - you learn it by reading a diary in room 103). Inside of the room is a Jazz drug.

    Floor 4: Hotel[edit | edit source]

    • Room 401 is locked (code 5870 - you can learn it by talking to the frightened man on floor 2) and contains a hostile punk - plus an entire chop shop, not for cars, but for people. Once engaged, the two "doctors" in the facility will come up and start shooting. One of them is called "Organlegger". Charming. Loot the place for an Autoinjector Schematic and an Advanced Medkit.
    • Room 405 is your target. The code 1989 can be learned by inputting the number of the room at the hotel console on level 2. You'll find Green Winters inside. Search the room afterwards for clues. Pick up the disks behind the right painting (code 91612). Pick up the Vidphone and talk to Blitz.
    • The maintenance room is the first room on the right hand side of the floor and can only be opened if you have acquired the maintenance key fob. The room contains a Cavalier Frag Grenade.

    Top Floor: Penthouse suite[edit | edit source]

    • You gain access to the vault if you agree to cover Blitz during his escape. The approach is protected by three goons outside, then a turret, a drone, and a berserk troll when you open the door. Fight your way in (or disable the automated security with Drone Control 3, using the console on the wall; note that Blitz CAN disable the automated defences) to gain a drug formula for Jazz, a broken hoverbot, and some ¥1,400. Looting the vault is worth 1 karma.