The Dead Man's Switch

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The Dead Man's Switch
Dead mans switch.jpg
Mandatory objectives
  • Ask the Coroner About Sam Watts
  • Open the Morgue Drawer
  • Visit Sam's Murder Site
  • Organ Grinders
  • Rewards
  • 2KP
  • AK-97 or Fichetti Security 500 or Beretta Model 70 or Street Sweeper or Baseball Bat
  • Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Your plane hits the Sea-Tac tarmac with a jolt. Welcome to Seattle. The chilly northwest rain obscures your vision as you step onto the tarmac. Before long, you're sitting in the cramped backseat of a cab, following the signal from Sam's locator chip into the heart of the Redmond Barrens.

    Organ Grinders - a legal chop shop for body parts... whether from the living or the dead. If you're hurting bad enough for nuyen, this is the place to sell a limb or an organ. It's also a good place to dispose of an inconvenient body while making a little cash on the side.

    This franchise is the closest thing the Barrens has to a morgue - it seems this is where Sam Watts' body has ended up. You open the door and are assaulted by the smell of death and bleach.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • As you begin, walk forward into the next room and speak to the Coroner, Dresden.
    • After a moment he will lead you to Sam's body. Another brief conversation and Dresden will be called away, leaving you the option to explore the immediate area.
    • Check Sam's body and look through all the evidence. The cred stick is worth 300 nuyen if you elect to take it. Also check the nearby cabinet for a basic medkit.
    • Next approach detective McKlusky to start another enlightening conversation. Follow up again with Dresden afterwards.
    • You should have received a new objective, as well as your first two Karma points, hurray!
    • Before investigating the freezer as asked, you can now check two cabinets to the north for a Basic Medkit and a Doc Wagon Basic Trama Kit.
    • Now open the freezer on the north east side of the room to meet a new character (and your first companion) Jake Armitage.
    • At the end of your conversation with Jake, he lets you pick a weapon. You can choose between a Pistol, Shotgun, SMG, Rifle, or a Baseball Bat for more melee minded characters.
    • Time to leave Organ Grinders, exit the Morgue with Jake and head to The Redmond Barrens.

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