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This tutorial will go over the functions available to a Teleporter Region. These regions are great for getting from node to node in the matrix or transporting actors around the meat world.

  • Creating a Teleporter Region
  • From A to B and Back
  • Making it look pretty

Creating a Teleporter Region[edit | edit source]

First off you are going to have to create a new Region. Once created select the Region and give it a descriptive name and set its type to Teleporter. Repeat to create a destination region. Note that the destination region does not have to be a Teleporter Region. Or Ctrl+Click+Drag to copy the region, be sure to rename it.

Teleporter Regions are a special kind of Region. When active, a player will teleport upon entering the Teleporter Region to another Region. This means the destination region does not have to be a teleporter as well. With that said, the first thing is to create a new region and set its name and type.

  1. Right-Click Regions -> Select IconNewGeneric.PNG New Region
  2. With the Region selected, set its name in the Properties View (e.g. c01_s01_TeleportRegion)
  3. Set the Regions Type to Teleporter
  4. A new Properties Table will appear for the Teleporter Region
  5. Drag the Teleporter Region Indicators into place
  6. While holding Ctrl, Select and Drag the Region to make a copy
  7. Rename the copy (e.g. c01_s01_TeleportRegion_2)


Setting Teleporter Properties[edit | edit source]

With the two Regions in place it is time to take a look at the Teleporter Region Properties.

  1. Set the destination of the first region to your copied region (e.g. c01_s01_TeleportRegion_2)
  2. Repeat this process for the second region, pointing its destination to the first region.


Camera Teleport[edit | edit source]

If you run a test of your scene you'll notice that the actor teleports from one region to the next, but you have to manually move the camera yourself. To fix this, we create a trigger that will teleport the camera to the actor whenever the actor teleports.

  1. Create a new trigger (e.g. camera_teleport)
  2. Add a new When Statement:
    1. Set the When Statement to On Actor Teleport
  3. Add a new If Statement:
    1. Set it to Actor is Player Controlled
  4. Add a new Do Statement:
    1. Set it to Gameplay -> Teleport Camera To Actor
  5. Check Retain Trigger After Triggering!

The trigger should end up something like this:


When an Actor is teleported


( Single Actor: Triggering Actor ) is Player-controlled


Teleport the camera to Triggering Actor