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The Story Data is a view that is visible by default and is the primary tool used for putting your story together. It contains all the Scenes, Conversations, and Quest Items of your Content Pack.

Story Data[edit | edit source]

Conversations[edit | edit source]

Conversations are the primary way in which the player interacts with NPC's. Conversations occur when a player Triggers them.

Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Quest Items are a key way to keep track of a players progress across scenes. These tend to be objects like Keys, IDs, or Codes that allow the player to progress through different interactables.

Scenes[edit | edit source]

Scenes work with Maps to create a playable level. The scene acts as a line-by-line script, dictating what is possible by its components.

The Drop Down[edit | edit source]

From the drop down menu you can filter the visible data by:

  • IconConversation.PNG Conversations
  • IconQuestItem.PNG Quest Items
  • IconScene.PNG Scenes

The Filter[edit | edit source]

The filter will match your search to the Name or Content Pack of what you are searching for. This means clever naming is key to keeping track of all your data when developing UGC.

For Example:

Quest Item: c01_s01_Lab_Key

  • c01 refers to the object being part of Chapter 1
  • s01 refers to the object being part of Scene 1

This way, you can search for everything in Chapter 1 by typing "c01" in the filter. Likewise, type "s01" to search for everything in Scene 1.

Adding New Data[edit | edit source]

Using the IconGearDropdown.PNG to edit contents of Story Data

  • IconNewScene.PNG Create a new Scene
  • IconNewConversation.PNG Create a new Conversation
  • IconNewQuestItem.PNG Create a new Quest Item
  • IconEditAsset.PNG Edit existing Asset
  • IconDeleteAsset.PNG Delete existing Asset