Stevie J

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Stevie J
AffiliationBTL gang
LocationThe Royale Apartments, penthouse suite
QuestsFind and question Coyote.

Stevie J is a character in Shadowrun Returns.

Background[edit | edit source]

Stevie J has established himself as the leader of the Pike Place Market BTL gang. He has a fondness for Hell Hounds and Precious stones.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

Coyote's hatred of BTL gangs aside the real reason the player character has to end up rescuing her from Stevie J's torture room is because Mr. Delilah, or a client is searching for a mysterious runic covered pebble. Based on the casual way it was mixed in with stones Mr. Delilah tosses away, despite being valuable, it's clear Stevie J had no idea what he really had and the pebble must be unique in some way.

If using the stairs the player character arrives behind Stevie J and his mage bodyguard and have cover. Also the troll gang member is usually not pulled, making the fight much easier.

Once Stevie J and his gang are dead retrieval of the stones is just a matter of unlocking his bedroom and defeating his favorite hell hound (minus assistance from Coyote or Paco). The difference between the hell hounds is that the one in his room seems a bit tougher, and gets the first attack.