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AffiliationThe Universal Brotherhood
LocationSeamstresses Union
Beneath the Brotherhood
QuestsThe Universal Brotherhood
Beneath the Brotherhood
Character Statistics

Shane is a character in Shadowrun Returns.

Background[edit | edit source]

Shane has an interest in Cherry Bomb, specifically "saving" her from her job at the Seamstresses Union and plans for the future by recruiting her into a religious cult. It's unclear if they are lovers or were dating.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

He appears in the Seamstresses Union following the events of The Redmond Barrens, if the player character speaks to Cherry. Prior to beginning Moving Parts the player may speak to Cherry to gain an optional objective to locate Shane in the Universal Brotherhood building. Not speaking with her will still mark the optional objective active as well.

When located he is dead and oozing the same yellow blood as True Form Insects despite the outer appearance of a human. This suggests the rite allowing the bugs to use humans to enter this plane has a failure rate, though due to some kind of inherent resistance or through Shaman error is unclear. Clicking on his body results in +2 Karma and additional dialogue with Cherry upon returning to the Union.