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This page lists all totems in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

  • All eleven player-selectable totems in Shadowrun: Hong Kong are Animal totems.
  • The four Idol totems from Shadowrun: Dragonfall are no longer available in the Hong Kong campaign. However there are new Animal totems added that provide the same powers:
    • Great Mother = Bear (was also present in Dragonfall)
    • Dragonslayer = Bull
    • Creator = Dove
    • Wild Huntsman = Scorpion
  • Unlike the others, the new Cobra, Fish and Leopard totems grant permanent buffs to the Shaman personally, rather than temporary boosts to their nearby allies or summoned spirits.
  • Although Gobbet uses the Rat totem, it is not available to players.


Name Icon Description Grants Range Duration Cooldown
Bear   Bear is powerful, gentle, wise, and a protector of all the natural world. Heals all allies within range of the damage from their most recent wound. 3 - 3
Boar   Boar is strong, aggressive, and ferocious. grants a personal passive benefit of +15 HP total for the Shaman - - -
Bull   The Bull is generous to those it cares for and hostile to those who might harm them. Damage Reduction +3 to all allies within range. 3 3 1
Cat   Cat is secretive, sly, and stealthy and very hard to trap. Dodge +1 to all allies within range. 3 3 1
Coyote   Coyote is unpredictable and ever changing. He is the trickster. Quickness +1 to all allies within a range. 3 3 1
Cobra   Cobra hypnotizes her prey, closing in for the kill. DMG +1 and Accuracy +5% to the Shaman for all attacks. - - -
Dove   The Dove is a peaceful messenger and mediator. Set all spirits break-away chance to 0% within range. 3 2 3
Eagle   Eagle is proud and keen sighted. He sees all. +15% to hit for all allies within range. 3 2 1
Fish   Fish is quick and clever, evading the fisherman's hook and predator's jaws. Shaman is -10% to be hit. - - -
Leopard   Leopard is a natural predator with innate stamina. Movement +1 and Armor +1 to the Shaman. - - -
Raccoon   Raccoon is cunning and curious with a strategic mind and a thief's insight. Move +2 to all allies within range. 2 2 1
Scorpion   The Scorpion fears nothing because it can kill any foe. DMG +4 but Accuracy -10% to all allies within range. 3 3 1