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A collection of previews and information regarding the upcoming Shadowrun: Hong Kong

The Crew[edit | edit source]

Gobbet[edit | edit source]

Gobbet is an ork street shaman and a follower of Rat. Her devotion to her totem has granted her unique abilities to control the battlefield, trapping her enemies behind barriers of coruscating magic and herding them with clouds of blistering poison.

Territoriality Track: Focuses on battlefield control by buffing Gobbet’s barrier spells (increasing damage, increasing the number of tiles affected) and planting AOE damage spells, such as Toxic Fog. She also gains the ability to destroy or consume summoned spirits, eliminating threats from enemy shamans.

Spiritualist Track: This track focuses on improving Gobbet’s control over summoned spirits. She can reduce the chance that they slip out of her control, and even seize control of hostile spirits summoned by her enemies. Progressing down this track turns Gobbet into a versatile and powerful summoner.

Duncan Wu[edit | edit source]

Duncan Wu is a veteran security expert with years of sprawl-site combat experience. He has the muscle and the weaponry to either beat his targets into submission or to break them outright, depending on the demands of the situation.

Crowd Control Track: Focuses on a variety of non-lethal attacks that inflict stun (-AP) effects. Progressing down this track unlocks a shock baton, tear gas grenades, and zip ties to subdue stunned enemies.

Lethal Force Track: Focuses on inflicting lethal ranged damage. Progressing down this track gives Wu attack abilities such as Mercy Kill, which does additional damage and has a higher to-hit percentage on targets who are close to death.

Is0bel[edit | edit source]

Is0bel is a dwarf decker with the tools and the expertise to clear her own way to a target mainframe. Trained for combat by a cabal of hacktivists, she’s as deadly in meat-space as she is in the Matrix.

Espionage Track: Increases Is0bel’s decking skills and her Mark Target ability. Progressing down this tree unlocks new custom programs/abilities for use in the Matrix, as well as custom Expert System Programs (ESPs).

Sabotage Track: Is0bel carries a sniper rifle for meat-space skirmishes. Her arsenal also includes proximity mines that she can use to create traps for her enemies. This track increases and adds to the effects caused by these weapons, unlocking higher-yield explosives and Flechettes that strip armor from enemies.

Racter[edit | edit source]

Racter is a highly specialized roboticist-turned-rigger who fights with the aid of Koschei, his custom walker-form drone. He also carries an engineering toolkit that he can use to repair Koschei and enhance its abilities during combat.

Mangler Track: Makes Koschei into a melee-ranged wrecking machine. Progressing down this track unlocks movement boosts for the drone and bolts close combat weapons onto its chassis, such as rotary saws and clawed feet. These attachments unlock new close combat attacks for the drone.

Predator Track: Turns Koschei into a walking artillery piece. Progressing down this track bolts new ranged weapons to the drone, such as an auto-shotgun or a grenade launcher.

Gaichu[edit | edit source]

Thanks to his elite Red Samurai training, Gaichu has access to close combat abilities that are inaccessible to other characters. These take the form of stance-based katana attacks that flow together in sequence, each of which has its own unique animation.

Red Samurai Track: A mixture of offense and defense. Includes additional sword attacks, such as a coup de grace that can be used to dispatch stunned targets. Gaichû also gains self-buffs that can temporarily boost his armor, or give him the effects of cover when standing in the open.

Ghoul Track: HMHVV infection has its advantages. This track includes a bite attack that inflicts damage and heals Gaichû, and claw and spit attacks that inflict damage and cause debuffs on enemies.

Gameplay Features[edit | edit source]

Current knowledge of new or updated gameplay features.

Side Missions[edit | edit source]

Personal missions with a focus on members of your crew.

Gobbet[edit | edit source]

Dive deep into the backstory of your team's resident Rat shaman. Gobbet's absurdist philosophy and impulsive nature have led her on a twisting path through life. In her personal mission, you'll get the chance to walk that path with her and see for yourself where Rat takes you.

Is0bel[edit | edit source]

Born to immigrant parents of Somali descent, Is0bel has experienced life in the slums of Kowloon first-hand. Escaping at a young age, she retreated into the cold perfection of the Matrix, but her family still languishes in the depths of the sprawl. Her personal mission will take her back to a place that she barely escaped from - and you'll come along for the ride.

Gaichu[edit | edit source]

When Gaichu became infected with HMHVV, the Red Samurai code that he'd sworn to demanded that he take his own life. Instead, he took to the shadows, dishonoring himself and the rest of his team in the process. In Gaichu's personal mission, you will square off against a squad of highly-trained warriors who will stop at nothing to destroy their old teammate... and you alongside him.

Cyberware[edit | edit source]

Cyberware Affinity[edit | edit source]

New skill that enhances your characters' ability to use cyberware and unlocks the ability to install powerful cybernetic enhancements

Cyberweapons[edit | edit source]

New cyberweapons that can be installed into your characters' arm slots

Foci[edit | edit source]

Enchanted weapons and objects that boost a mage's magical power or allow an adept to deliver devastating magical attacks

Shrine Spirits[edit | edit source]

A new spirit type that Shamans may summon from the environment of Hong Kong