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Note that unlike Dead Man's Switch or Dragonfall, outfits in Hong Kong only provide armor and aesthetics.

Adept[edit | edit source]

Name Description Armor Rating Cost
Street Monk Outfit These tattered robes give a freedom of movement and minor protection from harm. 3 450
Street Brawler Set A SecureTech vest elevates this armor's protection while still retaining mobility for streetwear use. 4 750
Kunai Ninja Suit A Renraku-made infiltration suit with reinforced ballistic protection. 6 1350
Ceremonial Combat Garb Tailored monk's martial arts clothing beneath a modified Ares military combat vest. The best protection available for melee or hand to hand combat. 8 2850

Combat[edit | edit source]

Name Description Armor Rating Cost
SecureTech Armored Clothing SecureTech's armored trenchcoat. Kevlar is woven into the synth-leather, providing a small amount of protection. 3 450
Refurb UCAS Shock Gear UCAS milspec, customized for the shadows. 4 750
Ares Operative Gear A Renraku-made infiltration suit with reinforced ballistic protection. 6 1350
HKPF EOD Suit A version of the suit worn by explosives ordnance disposal experts. This one has been customized to be light enough to wear while in combat. 8 2850

Magic[edit | edit source]

Name Description Armor Rating Cost
Shamanic Ritual Garb These tattered robes would impart little protection- if not for the latent magic still imbued in them. 3 450
Corp Mage An armored secure coat and suit created for awakened CorpSec operatives. This one must have fallen off a truck. 4 750
Aztechnology Secure Coat Aztechnology created this kevlar tactical coat for their combat mages to have quick access to spellbook and salves. 5 925
Thaumaturgic Armor An well armored synthleather vest with pockets for foci, fetishes, and spellbooks. 6 1350
Wuxing Lined Coat Wuxing Corp developed this coat for their executive\'s magical bodyguards. Rigid plates are concealed between layers of ballistic cloth inside. 8 2850

Tech[edit | edit source]

Name Description Armor Rating Cost
Last-Gen Lined Coat Lined with rigid plates, this duster has handy attach points for cabling to be used with decks or drone control kits. 3 450
Cargo Carrier LBallistic nylon street clothes offer a bit of protection, as well as many pockets to store tools and datasticks. 3 450
Military Vest A popular style in Hong Kong imported from the West. Comfortable breathable vest, with pockets for all your tools. 4 750
Shiawase StreetWare Cowl Breakthroughs in synthetic blend fabrics allow this fashion forward gear to provide ample protection from cuts, impacts, and burns. 6 1350
Street Operative A SecureTech brand ensemble for those who need to be jacked-in at a moment's notice. 8 2850