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Cyberware basics[edit | edit source]

  • All characters start with 6 Essence. Installing cyberware reduces a character's Essence permanently.
  • If you upgrade a piece of cyberware to one that has a lower Essence cost, you do not get the Essence back. Instead, the difference creates an Essence "buffer" that contributes towards any additional cyberware.
  • For magic calculations, Essence is rounded down.
  • Dragonfall adds new cyberware beyond the Basic and Alpha types. All of the Bioware is new in Dragonfall, as well as some without a type listed. Approach Xabier Ezkibel to install your cyberware.

Essense Buffer Example
Written by HBS_Jeff on 2014-01-25

"Here's an example of cyberware installation and upgrading, with the help of Street Samurai Bob:

  • Bob starts out with 6 Essence, he then installs Cybereyes that have an Essence cost of 0.5.
  • Bob now has 5.5 Essence (this means that Bob only uses 5 Essence for magic calculations), he then installs Dermal Plating with an Essence cost of 2.
  • Bob now has 3.5 Essence, he then upgrades to Dermal Plating Alphaware with an Essence cost of 1.
  • Bob still has 3.5 Essence (with a 1 Essence buffer), he then installs a cyberarm with an Essence cost of 1.
  • Bob still has 3.5 Essence (the Essence buffer is filled without changing Bob's Essence).

You can see that Essence never is gained once lost, but is allowed to be filled with cyberware even after upgrading to a lower cost."

Head[edit | edit source]

Datajacks allow the user to create a direct connection between external electronic devices and their brain.

Name Type Description Effects Essence
Datajack - A requirement for Riggers, Deckers, and those that want to use a smartlink weapon. None 0.5
Encephalon Enh. Datajack - A processor that boosts a user's knowledge-based skills, combined with a standard datajack I/O system.

*Replaced by Encephalon NEXT in Director Cut's.

+1 INT 1.0
Pain Editor Bioware A cluster of specialized nervous tissue that filters out pain responses. +1 WIL, -1 INT 0
Toxin Exhaler Bioware Injects a genetically tailored toxic sac above the larynx. Popular among assassins. Grants a close-range poison attack. 10 DoT for 4 Turns 0.5
Cerebral Booster Bioware Introduces additional convolutions and gyri into the frontal lobes of the cerebellum, boosting intelligence by 1. +1 INT 0.5
Encephalon - A processor that boosts a user's knowledge-based skills. +1 INT 1.0
Encephalon NEXT - A bleeding-edge neural assistance processor. +2 INT 1.5

Eyes[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Effects Essence
Vision Magnification Basic Renraku's basic cybereye replacements extend and enhance your vision. Adds +3% to hit 1
Vision Magnification Alpha Renraku's state of the art alpha cybereye with magnification enhancement. Adds +6% to hit 0.5
Eye Datajack - A datajack concealed inside of a cybereye. A favorite of spies and infiltrators. None 0.5
BrightLight System - High-energy flashbulbs hidden in a cybereye. Capable of temporarily blinding an opponent. Reduce target AP? 0.5
Laser Designator - An eye-mounted laser that can designate a target, making it easier for your team to hit in combat. +10% to hit

lasts 1 RND (0 AP, 2 turn cooldown)


Body[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Effects Essence
Ares Dermal Plating Basic Ares' basic dermal armor implants. +2 Armor 1.0
Ares Dermal Plating Alpha Ares' unique hi-tech dermal armor plating implants. +2 Armor, +1 Body 1.0
Shiawase Bone Lacing Plastic Shiawase's process covers your bones with hard plastic. +1 Body 2.0
Shiawase Bone Lacing Kevlar Shiawase's hi-tech alpha bone lacing uses a Kevlar coating. +1 Body, +1 STR 1.5
Wired Reflexes With Reflex Trigger - When triggered, you will dodge the first attack against you each turn for three rounds. +1 Movement
New Ability
Synthacardium Mk I Bioware Boosts heart function. +1 Dodge
+1 Throwing Weapons
Synthacardium Mk II Bioware Boosts heart function. +1 Dodge
+1 Throwing Weapons
+1 Movement
Tailored Pheromones Bioware Influences others subconsciously, granting the user a subtle edge. +1 CHA 0.5
Orthoskin Bioware Weaves graphs of synthagen, an energy-diffusing material, under the skin. +1 Armor 0.3
Platelet Factory Bioware Increase thrombocyte production to a high level, lessening trauma from recent wounds.  ? 0.5
Adrenal Contractor - When triggered, gain +1 AP but take an additional 2 DMG from attacks. Lasts 3 RNDS of combat. New Ability 0

Arms[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Effects Essence
Silver Tech Cyberarm Basic Silver Tech's basic replacement limbs that add +6 HP. +6 HP 1.5
Yamatetsu Cyberarm Alpha Yamatetsu's alpha cyberlimbs are flesh friendly replacements. +1 STR, +5 HP 1.0
Induction Datajack - Useful for Deckers and Riggers who don't want to sacrifice valuable headware space. None 0.3
Auto-Injector (Bliss) - When triggered, incoming DMG reduced by 3 and Strength reduced by 1 for 4 RNDS of combat. New Ability 0.5
Auto-Injector (Hyper) - When triggered, accuracy is increased by 6% and incoming DMG is increased by 3 for 3 rounds of combat. New Ability 0.5
Muscle Augmentation Bioware Braids fluorinated polymers into existing muscle tissue to increase physical performance. +1 Quickness
+1 STR

Legs[edit | edit source]

Name Type Description Effects Essence
Aztechnology Cyberleg Basic Basic yet powerful machine replacement for your leg. +8 HP
+1 Quickness
Universal Omnitech Cyberleg Alpha Alpha level cyberlegs made by Universal Omnitech. +8 HP
+1 Dodge
+1 Quickness
Hydraulic Jack - Increases run speed for short bursts, allowing the user to spring forward rapidly. +3 Movement 1.0
Enhanced Articulation Bioware Coats and lubricates joint surfaces of the legs to provide extreme fluidity of motion. +1 Dodge
+1 Quickness