Settling Debts

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Settling Debts
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Mandatory objectives
  • Clear Blitz's debt
  • Unlock the alley entrance
  • Bypass the first security firewall
  • Open the First Security Door
  • Open the Vault
  • Escape
  • Release Northern Lockdown Console
  • Release Southern Lockdown Console
  • Kill the Enemy Decker
Special rules
  • Only the player character
  • Both Hasenkamp and Blitz must survive
  • Settling Debts is an optional mission in Dragonfall.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Drogenkippe. It'd be high up on anyone's list of places to avoid, but that's where you're headed... and you're going there alone this time. The last time that you saw Blitz, he was carting his portable terminal over to Cafe Cezve, presumably so that he could do his decking in the most comfortable environment possible.

    Like everything else related to Drogenkippe, the U-bahn train that services it is in poor repair. The car that you're riding in stinks like a chemical toilet on a hot day. On the floor near the doorway, you catch sight of a trampled lump of tattered fur. The longer you stare at it, the more convinced you become that you're looking at the remains of a long-dead squirrel.

    The train rumbles to a stop, and the doors slide open. Time to get this over with.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • As it turns out, you're not going alone for this mission. As you move into the alley, you'll encounter Hasenkamp, Meat Grinder's assistant, who will lead you into the building.
    • After meeting the seemingly perpetually-hostile Mr Hasenkamp, it's time for Matrix infiltration as Blitz. The IC programs are not hostile, so feel free to look around. Talk to the Gatekeeper IC when you're done admiring the Matrix. Blitz will automatically gain access. The next stage is similarly easy. Blitz bluffs his way in with ease. Head to the third area after talking to the Watcher and unlock the door. You switch back to your PC and the lovable Mr Hasenkamp.

    Inside the building[edit | edit source]

    • Inside, you can explore the building. As you tarry, Mr Hasenkamp will grow increasingly agitated and annoyed, as he wants to get the transfer done and go home.
    • From the building's foyer, the door to the east leads into the teller area and main hall. The door to the north leads to the adjoining rest rooms and the current objective beyond. If you're playing a rigger, head east first; otherwise, head north first.
    • To the north, you can try your luck with the credsticks (they're empty) and the desk next door (much to the chagrin of Mr Hasenkamp). While the credsticks can be ignored, you can insist on searching the desk, uncovering documents related to the Landenberg's plan to open loan sharking operations in Berlin (encroaching on Meat Grinder's turf) and a note referring to a Mr Jürgen Ploz - an old associate of Mr Hasenkamp. You can also search the trash can for a note about a really good high. Don't miss the aid kit on the wall.
    • East past the teller area, the cubicles contain a desk you can inspect to gain some insider trading information (and annoy Hasenkamp). With Strength 4 you can force open a drawer and steal a credstick. You can hack Tripps' terminal with Decking 4, but you don't learn anything (except that they have really bad password policies here [123456]). The hallway to the north leads deeper into the building, but the doors are locked by Matrix security. You can open the first door on the right and grab some drugs.
    • The second door on the right is locked. There are two ways to get in:
      • If you're playing a rigger, go into the previous room (with the drugs) and send a drone through the vent to unlock the door from the inside. Pick up the keycard inside and the rest of the locked doors will open.
      • Otherwise, find the terminal room (just east of the room with the credsticks) and either use Decking 5 or the comm link to get in. You'll have to fight off the decker inside. When you pick up the keycard in this room, the rest of the locked doors will open.
    • Regardless of how you get in, you will find a manila folder containing Plotz' data on Meat Grinder's operations. The data doesn't jive with Hasenkamp - his go-to guy for finances and accounting - and for a change, he doesn't complain, but actually takes the information with him to discuss the matter with Grinder.
    • When you're done with everything else, go back to the terminal room and plug Blitz in (with Decking 4 you avoid Blitz' condescension).

    Matrix Teil Zwei[edit | edit source]

    • The next part is structured like a logic puzzle. You need to activate the right bits using control bits you find to gain access to the next part of the run - or various other options.
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: In the northeast section of the map, close to the portal to the next area, there is a data node standing near three Control Bit locations. Hack it in order to gain some intelligence.
    • First, pick up a bit from any source. Head near the objective. In the branch opposite the yellow-marked data note, you'll find a single bit. Take it - it shouldn't affect anything.
    • To gain a free bit, you can:
      • Use a bit to block the firewall's appearance in the small junction straight ahead from the alley door activator. With the bit placed in the receptacle outside, a firewall won't appear when you take one from the receptacle inside. Pick the first one up on your way out.
      • You can collect another near the Data Node (which you should activate, as it allows you to delete a folder on you which was uploaded to Plotz' network and spare yourself trouble down the road). Just place a bit in the inactive receptacle, opening the door to an active one. Then collect the active one and return.
      • You need three bits to open the road to the teller door toggle (well worth it).
      • Two will suffice for reaching the objective.

    Meatspace[edit | edit source]

    • You're back to finding another terminal. If you opened the teller door, enter it and collect the ArmTech MGL-6.
    • Head into the secure area. The security won't bother you as you head towards the vault and activate the terminal to let ol' Blitz through.
    • Back in Blitz' boots, you can head on. The mission objective is straight ahead, but you can explore the area as well. The portal to the left leads to the Door Control South data node. The one on the right leads to the North one. With this knowledge, activate the objective data node.
    • Enter the vault and approach the terminal. Unsurprisingly, Hasenkamp changes the terms of the deal and adds interest - a small box fished out of the container in the vault. Then, you leave.

    Escape[edit | edit source]

    • Or rather, try to, as Blitz forgot that the vault door self-closes. In this case, you have two options:
      • Allow Blitz to bypass the door and set off an alarm in the process.
      • With Decking 4, bypass the door yourself and avoid a confrontation.
    • In the hall beyond, you again have a choice:
      • Let Blitz to open the doors to the side rooms from the Matrix.
      • With Decking 5, you can operate the terminals on the doors in meatspace to open them.
      • It's not a bad plan to split the difference if you can: open one door yourself and have Blitz get the other one.
    • Blitz is up against a whole bunch of IC in the Matrix.
      • He starts off up against two stationary and two mobile IC. Think smart, move fast, and stay behind cover.
      • As you move him across the room to the two side doors, two more stationary IC will pop up. You don't have to wipe out all the IC in this room to advance, so don't bother wasting time doing so.
      • In each side room, you'll find an access point where you can unlock a door, along with two stationary IC. You must defeat both IC in order to hack the access point.
      • If your PC is capable of hacking doors in meatspace, once Blitz makes it to the side room and defeats the IC there, he's safe. Don't move back into the central room unless you need to access the other door lock from the Matrix.
    • In meatspace, you and Hasenkamp have to deal with some guards.
      • You start off against a mage and a street samurai, occupying the east and west ends respectively. Kill the Shaman first and work your way to the east door.
      • Inside each side room, activate the terminal that unlocks the exit door, then grab the Type II medkit hanging on the wall. Note that one of the side rooms has a vent, allowing a drone to sneak into the room to activate the terminal.
      • If you kill both of the first two guards, two more guards will enter the room and start shooting. If you leave the samurai alive, you can mostly run around him and deal with his shooting, and the other guards won't emerge. There are six (eight?) guards total, but you don't have to kill them all. All you have to do is activate the two door locks and escape out the central door.
    • The moment you and Hasenkamp leave, the doors behind you lock and combat ends - even if you're burning and with 1 HP left, this will still qualify as surviving. Then head to the front door.

    Decisions[edit | edit source]

    • When you reach the entry hall, it turns out that Hasenkamp is an assassin - and Blitz wants to whack him. In this case, you can:
      • Refuse to kill him, antagonizing Blitz and allowing him to walk out with the box, he leaves you behind the security gate to deal with the guards that will kill you.
      • Kill him, antagonizing Meat Grinder but prevent the security from being alerted by his escape.
      • Convince him that Meat Grinder wants him out of the way.
    • To truly convince him, you need to have done the following things:
      • Found the financial projections on the desk in the room closest to the secured door.
      • Found the document detailing the expansion of the loan op from the first room.
      • Hacked the data node found in the logic puzzle area. This will turn him over to your side (as Hasenkamp accepts that Meat Grinder has fallen in with Plotz and is planning to eliminate him) and make him an ally in the upcoming fight.
    • If you are unable to convince Hasenkamp, he leaves with the box and hands it over to the Meat Grinder personally. He gets rewarded for his loyalty with a bullet to the head. Obviously Blitz uses the opening to get rid of the Meat Grinder as a threat, permanently if you choose to. Regardless, you are still stuck in there with the surviving security detail as Blitz have learned too much about his attempts to corner the money lending business and his dirty deed of fratricide.
    • If you chose to spare him or let him go, you will have to contend with four enemies by yourself, three if you couldn't persuade Hasenkamp. The turrets come online (half of them on your side) and a decker confronts Blitz. It's Jürgen Plotz. Activate all four turret nodes so they don't attack your party, then kill Plotz. Or, kill Plotz and then activate turret nodes, whatever you prefer. He has an attacker ESP running turret hacking duty, and he will resummon it if it's destroyed. Focus down Plotz to dispel his pet.
    • Use grenades and the MGL-6 to attack the enemies, then let the turrets tear them apart.
    • After a couple of turns, another group of four goons enters. You should have the turrets fully under your control by then, making killing them child's play. If that child was a hardcore runner running around with very rowdy crowds, that is.
    • Once all eight runners are down and Plotz is out of the Matrix, you can finish the mission.
    • If you decided to end Hasenkamp's life right there and now, he won't be to make a break for it and fights you personally. (Un)fortunately, half the turrets ended up turning against you and it becomes a straight forward one vs one fight in both meatspace and matrix. Once both of them go down, you can finish the mission.
    • If Hasenkamp was killed or the Meat Grinder escapes with the transponder. All is not a loss as after Blitz kills Jurgen in the Matrix he takes a specially crafted program that also allows him to turn IC against their controllers. He will use it to kill Meat Grinder after they return home to truly clear his debts