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Starting attributesIntelligence
Starting skillsDrone Control
Drone Combat
Weapon focusDrones, any weapon skill or Decking as backup.

Riggers use a Datajack to control drones. Their rigging abilities provide surveillance, support, and extra firepower.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Rigger is essentially a "ranger", with the drone taking the role of an animal companion. A Rigger can be made into a competent combatant, but they really shine when provided with the right drones. However, it is often more cost effective to use a drone class as long as possible before upgrading due to the hefty price tag of drones.

Drones can also be used to reach areas which are otherwise inaccessible. This is usually done via entering and exiting vents.

Using drones has one obvious disadvantage, and two less obvious detriments. See drone control for a usefulness rundown for each campaign.

  1. Controlling each drone occupies one action point for the duration of the drone's activity. Buffing the rigger with the Conjuring spell, Haste is a decent solution to the issue. Riggers can also gain more AP for their drones through the Drone Combat skill. Like Spirit Summoning, riggers must avoid attacks which reduce AP. Drones can also be stunned or shutdown; your rigger will then be able to use the AP which had been used to power the drone if this happens.
  2. Drones in close proximity to a rigger drastically increase the likelihood the enemy will use Grenades. This is unavoidable if combat begins prior to activating and spacing drones accordingly.
  3. Being a rigger is Karma intensive, there will not be much left for improving survivability and personal combat effectiveness (without drones). The most karmic efficient rigger type is support, with no attempt to branch out into regular combat skills but rather use of Decking to gain Mark Target (which is superior to Aim due to the fact it can affect drones) or Biotech to serve as a medic.

Campaign NPCs[edit | edit source]

  • In Dragonfall, Blitz is a decker and rigger. He is also armed with a SMG.
  • In Hong Kong, Racter is a rigger. He's also armed with a revolver and a tool which boosts drones' capabilities.