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Npc humanmale racter.png
LocationBolthole (Safe boat) engine room

Racter is a character and crew member in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Background[edit | edit source]

A former robot engineer in his homeland of Russia, Racter became a shadowrunner years ago, operating across Europe and Asia. Notably in Berlin, Germany, Racter worked with Lucky Strike.

Racter's motivation for entering the life of shadowrunning is set on vengeance, when two colleagues stole a cybernetic project of his while he worked Russia. Coincidentally, one of the player's team missions involves breaking into a megacorp research lab, where Racter's colleagues have found work. Here, Racter has the opportunity to reclaim his robbed experiment, upgrading Koschei with self-repairing emergency backup, but his colleagues are not in the lab at the time, upsetting Racter's murderous desires.

Koschei[edit | edit source]

Racter designed his drone Koschei himself and has steadily improved the design over the years. Unlike most drones, Koschei walks on four legs. Also unlike other drones, Koschei has melee attacks in addition to ranged attacks. The uniqueness of this drone is especially welcome if the player chooses to play as a Rigger. All of Racter's advancement choices upgrade Koschei in some way.

Racter names his drone after a Slavic folklore character, present in a number of folk tales. Koschei the Immortal or the Deathless is mainly a tale antagonist; represented by a horrendous thin old man, Koschei cannot be killed. To succeed, one must find and destroy his soul, which is sealed in an object which is stashed within another object and which in turn is also stored inside another and on and on. Racter tells of the parallel with his drone, which may be perfectly rebuilt every time upon destruction, as long as Racter holds its blueprints.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Like Gaichu, Racter has to be invited before he's available for your runs. Speak with him at his spot in the safe boat to do so.
  • Also like Gaichu, Etiquette Academic will allow you to get the various references he makes throughout your conversations with him.
  • Once Misdirection has been accepted, Racter will refuse to talk to you further until the run has been done.
  • In dialogue, Racter may eventually reveal himself to be an assumed psychopath to the player.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Racter's forte is Koschei, and multiple buffs he may send at it (or any other drone) from a distance; on the other hand, Racter is a below average pistoleer (Ranged Combat 5, Pistol 4 in Shadows) who should be kept behind cover, many yards away from the melee.
  • Having said that, like Is0bel, Racter can use Smartlink weapons; you can give him a Smartlink pistol to replace his revolver.
  • You may also give him a second drone to replace the revolver, thus playing more to his strengths. However, note that his Drone Combat is only 5; conventional drones are likely to under-perform as compared to Koschei.

Character upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Upgrade options Other bonuses
2 Increased Accuracy
Racter's drone, Koschei, gains +5% accuracy for all attacks.
Increase Attribute: Move Speed
Racter's drone, Koschei, gains +1 Movement, moving 7 tiles per 1 AP.
+1 to:
3 Gain Ability: Shotgun Mount
Koschei fires shotgun shells, doing +2 DMG, but -5% ACC, and can hit adjacent targets at ranges of 6 or greater. Uses 10 ammo.
Gain Ability: Rotary Saw
Koschei gains an arm with a rotary saw blade, with a much higher critical hit chance than the standard melee attack. 2 turn cooldown.
+1 to:

+2 to:

4 Augment Ability: Overclock
The Overclock ability of Racter's Toolkit now gives the targeted drone +2 AP and +2 Movement for 1 turn.
Augment Ability: Repair
The cooldown of the Repair ability of Racter's Toolkit is reduced from 5 turns to 3 turns.
+1 to:
5 Augment Weapon: Firearm Systems
All of Koschei's Firearm Systems now pierce up to 2 Armor.
Augment Weapon: Melee Systems
All of Koschei's Melee Systems now cause targets to bleed for 2 DMG per turn for 2 turns.
+1 to:
6 Gain Ability: Ares Heavy Laser
Koschei gains a heavy laser mount, which does +4 DMG, +1 AP DMG, and has +5% ACC over the standard attack. 2 turn cooldown.
Gain Ability: Rip and Tear
Koschei gains a melee attack that allows its legs to latch on and tear off chunks of armor. Strips 4 Armor. 2 turn cooldown.
+1 to: