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Quest Items tend to be items that don't have any physical properties in the game. These act as their namesake, quest items or mission objectives in most cases. They are stored in the Shadowrunners PDA to keep track of. Some examples of include passwords, hacked data, keycards, etc.

Creating a Quest Item[edit | edit source]

Quest Items can be created from the Story Data view. There are two options for creating a quest item:

Option A:

  1. Select File -> IconNewQuestItem.PNG New Quest Item

Option B:

  1. Click the IconGearDropdown.PNG icon
  2. Select IconNewQuestItem.PNG New Quest Item

Naming[edit | edit source]

The Editor keeps all Quest Items and Conversations of the entire Content Pack in the Story Data panel. It is recommended to come up a naming scheme to help keep all your data sorted. For example:

c01-s01_ConversationName c01-s01_QuestItem

Using Quest Items[edit | edit source]

Quest Items will be used with triggers regularly to check or modify the current status of the player. Some commonly used triggers include:

When creating a trigger, the quest items will appear under Existing Items -> Quest -> "Your Item"

Tutorials[edit | edit source]

Working With Conversations and Interactions - Setting up the retrieval and use of a quest item