Prosperity Tower

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Prosperity Tower
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Mandatory objectives
  • Discover Raymond's Location by Hacking a Security Station
  • Use a Decker to Free Raymond
  • Find Raymond in Lab Twelve
Optional objectives
  • Hack Security Network Nodes to Weaken Tsang Security
  • Find Evidence on Josephine Tsang
  • Use the Maintenance Terminal to Start the Flow Mixers
  • Explore the Core Systems
  • Give the Data to the Tsang Suit
  • LocationAp Lei Chau
    Special rules1 decker necessary

    Prosperity Tower is a mission in Hong Kong.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Infiltrating the headquarters of a megacorp and locating Raymond Black will be challenging enough. Extricating him from his mother's ASIST device before his memories are permanently altered is another thing altogether.

    You hop the MTR South Island Line and roll noisily down to the nearby island of Ap Lei Chau, a dense forest of soaring skyscrapers and corporate greed. Amid them blending innocuously with its neighbors, stands Prosperity Tower. Emerging from the MTR station, you find a delivery van waiting for you. Just where Strangler Bao said it would be.

    You pull the van around the building to the loading dock of Tsang Mechanical Services and its CEO, Josephine Tsang.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • Welcome to Prosperity Tower. As can be seen in the synopsis, the following walkthrough assumes that you have chosen the option to enter via the loading dock. For this run, having high Charisma and the Academic etiquette (or a high Spellcasting/Conjuring score) will make things a lot easier.
    • In order to have the option of entering via the loading dock, you must have recovered the paydata from the Bad Qi run.
    • On any level, if you start combat without disarming the alarm, you have 3 rounds to jack into the Matrix, find the security node, and disable it. If not, reinforcements will arrive from the elevator area, until you disable the alarm.
    • If in Misdirection, you have given the other shadowrunner team the Ares laser, you'll receive markers during the Matrix runs to indicate where the security nodes are.
    • If you do not wear the maintenance uniforms found in the sub-basement, you'll need a higher Charisma score for the checks done in the higher floors (+1).

    Loading Dock[edit | edit source]

    • Talk to the guard. You find out that your forged Wuxing passes are only good for the sub-basement. This is a big hint that you need something better if you want to sneak around in the higher floors.

    Sub-Basement[edit | edit source]

    • Find the dwarf manager. If you have Charisma: 7 or the Corporate etiquette, you'll convince the manager that your team requires uniforms. Go to the locker room, unlock the locker (code is 2627) and put on the uniforms, which awards 1 karma.
    • Your next objective is to interact with the maintenance terminal. Start the flow mixers and also accept the additional work order. Report back to the manager.
    • Your aim now is to sabotage the turbine. Once you have done so, the Security room will be open.
    • If you have the Wuxing IDs, go to the security station FIRST, knock on the door. Tell them you have a delivery and they will send you to the manager. She will tell them that she can't accept them and will send you back, opening the security room.
    • Enter the room, and jack into the Matrix with your decker. This Matrix run will net you several rewards:
      • Disabling the security node for the floor
      • Door code to the First Aid Station (code is 4990)
      • Door code to the locker (code is 2627), this is an alternative way to get the uniforms
      • One of the two codes needed to access Lab 12 (code is 44526)
    • Before you leave, loot the First Aid Station for a Docwagon Platinum Trauma Kit and a Premium Medkit.
    • Use the Charisma: 5 option to access the elevator.

    Floor 26[edit | edit source]

    • At the secretary, using either the Charisma or the Shadowrunner etiquette option will allow you in.
    • Locate a lady near the Security Room. If you have Charisma: 5 or Etiquette: Corporate, she will talk to you. Offer to help her out and she'll wonder what is in it for you. If you have either Etiquette: Security or Charisma: 6, you'll convince her to trust you with her plan.
    • Head over to the north of the level. If you have Strength: 6, Etiquette: Academic or Charisma: 6, you'll convince the team that you have work to do and kick them all out of the room. Access the terminal with your decker to get the Tsang Real Estate Data.
    • Pass this data back to the Tsang suit to obtain the Security Station Card and 1 karma. However, to actually access the Matrix jack-in point without fighting, you'll need Charisma: 7.
    • This Matrix run will again net you several rewards:
      • Disabling the security node for the floor
      • Pass codes for Special Projects Blocker ICs ("Prodigal" and "Scion")
      • Another code to access Lab 12 (the code you get here is 25301)
    • Now, with the security node disabled, you can choose to attack preemptively. Note that this will draw most of the security on the floor into the fight.
    • Once the fight is over, proceed over to the Vice President's office. He and his men will not join in the previous fight, as he has a deal to make with you: dirt on Josephine Tsang (Tsang Business Archive), in exchange for the Foreign Accounts Data (and nuyen) held in the other node within the Matrix segment in his room. Like all good shadowrunners, kill the snooty suit (he's a mage) and his 2 bodyguards. Note that if you attack him first, your team will have to fight all combatants on the entire level in the same fight.
    • Jack into the Matrix and recover the two pieces of data, along with ¥2,124.

    Floor 49[edit | edit source]

    • Charisma: 7 will convince the guard to let you into the level. Otherwise you will have to fight everyone on the level, the research mage in the point below will flee and the alarms will go off.
    • Head over to the laboratory, and speak to the Research Mage. With Charisma: 6 and Conjuring: 6 OR Spellcasting: 6 OR Etiquette: Academic, he'll (eventually) give you the Containment Room Code (1915).
    • Use this code to access the Containment Room. Here, you'll want to release the monster into the lab. Select the option to open the lab door so that the security team inside the Security Room will rush to the lab, leaving the door to the Security Room open. (1 karma)
    • Enter the room, and jack into the Matrix with your decker. This Matrix run will net you two rewards:
      • Disabling the security node for the floor
      • Door code to the Equipment Room (8974)
    • Loot the Equipment Room to get:
      • 1 Steyr AUG-CSL
      • 1 Remington 990 (Smartlink)
      • Assorted grenades: 2 Renraku Flashbang Grenades and an HE Phosphorus Grenade
      • 1 Docwagon Gold Trauma Kit
      • 2 Advanced Medkits
    • After looting the room, it's time to clear out the floor. Start with the lab, where the team from the Security Room is gathered. Wait for the guards at the entrance to advance to the lab area, and finish them as well.
    • Go into the VP room (which is now empty), loot the 2 spells lying around (Strip Armor III and Spell Focus: Life Siphon II), and jack into the Matrix with your decker. Note that if you enter the room and do either action, the VP will activate security, triggering a fight.
    • Use the appropriate pass codes for the Special Projects Blocker ICs ("Prodigal" or "Scion"). Of note are the Blocker IC passwords for the ASIST machine ("1: Dawn, 2: Dusk, 3: Night, 4: Noon").
    • Once you are ready, input the 2 codes for Lab 12 into the elevator to access ASIST.