Paul Amsel
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Paul Amsel is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.


Your team's fixer. Amsel peers at you through a battered old pair of wire-rimmed glasses. There is something gentle about the man; with his silver hair and his tweed jacket, he looks more like an aging Art History professor than he does like a criminal go-between.

He is calm, collected, and well connected. He is also the voice of reason, trying to approach problems with calmness and rationality - especially when a client shafts him and his team.


  • Paul is the go-to person in the first act, helping you track down the client behind the job that got Monika killed. He also helps appoint you as the team's commander, much to Eiger's chagrin.
  • Throughout Dragonfall, Amsel acts as an intermediary and consultant, helping you uncover the conspiracy surrounding Feuerschwinge. For his efforts, he is rewarded with a bullet to the head by Audran.
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