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Mandatory objectives
  • Find Vauclair
  • Descend to the Levels Below
Rewards2 karma for convincing Vauclair

Panacea is a mission in Dragonfall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The sounds of machinery fade behind you as you venture further underground. Whoever built this facility was clearly well financed. It must have taken years to design, excavate, and build a complex like this in secrecy.

You continue through dimly lit halls, finally stepping into what appears to be another laboratory area. The corridor before you is deserted.

Dr. Adrian Vauclair is somewhere within this facility - and with him, the answers you seek.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Welcome to the lovely Panacea lab. Proceed deeper into the facility, there's nothing except pretty scenery in the rooms to the sides. Prepare to meet Doctor Adrian Vauclair.
  • Vauclair turns out to be the ultimate antagonist of the game; you can have quite a revealing and enlightening chat with him. With Intelligence 7 and Biotech 5, you can point out the flaw in his plan quite elegantly and then continue driving home the point that Panacea has flaws. Otherwise, you need to carefully weave your way through the dialogue trees to undermine his confidence. This requires that you've watched all of Green Winters's recordings and read the terminals in the facility. Don't antagonize or insult him, remain calm and rational - then drive home the fact that his brother would not support this. If you convince him, you will be rewarded 2 karma.
  • Depending on the outcome, Audran will appear and either shoot Vauclair for abandoning the project or side with him. Either way, you get to fight four firedrakes, one released from its cage each turn.
  • Speak to Feuerschwinge to continue. She will point out the existence of a technical access route beneath the floor that will allow you to move beyond the animal testing area. Enter Into the Dark.
  • If you take Vauclair's side, you fight your team and have a different ending in One Year Later.