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Npc orkfemale silke.png
Npc orkmale macklusky.png

Orks are one of the metahuman races available at character creation in shadowrun.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Orks are much tougher, stronger and less charismatic; they also seem on average to be less acute, or intelligent, than humans. They too have low-light vision.

  • In Shadowrun Returns NPC Orks are easier to hit, due to their larger size. This phenomena can be observed in wave 2 of the first fight, an elf and ork appear and move into position side by side. The ork is much easier to hit, and the same can be observed throughout the game for Trolls as well. This may just be due to the fact NPCs of those races were given less dodge and quickness, but useful regardless.

Backer Reward Orks[edit | edit source]

The following codes will unlock a custom portrait, and ork model. As well as a unique starting outfit for that character. On Android devices custom character codes must be input prior to each new game, for the selected portrait and model. Reward List

Gameplay properties[edit | edit source]