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Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The trip to Lee's loaned minisub is uneventful, as is transit to the area near Hong Kong where Shiawise has built their research laboratory. The sub descends swiftly, and you are kept company by the hissing of the oxygen scrubbers - and the occasional ping of active sonar striking your hull. As you near the coordinates for the lab, Jomo begins switching off all but the most essential of systems.

After a few minutes, brighter light filters through the portholes as you ascend into a moon pool, and there is a dull thud as the facility's clamp closes around the sub to lift it free.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Head through the door to the elevator.
  • Through the next door, you'll get a chance to try to slip past or engage the guards. Go ahead and engage, and then check out the lab computer.
  • Head through the next two sets of doors and get ready for the next fight.
  • After taking out the opposition, grab the keycard and answer the telecom.
  • Go ahead and check out the computer in the middle of the room. You'll learn the new code to the weapons locker room: 4077, as well as the code that causes the drones to crash: 1337.
  • The computer on the left side of the room has more flavortext.
  • The computer by the door you used to enter the room will reveal the code to a medical closet in D25: 8236.
  • Continue through the next door and onto the tram.
  • Open the weapons locker to obtain: Ares Voltaic Grenade and Nemesis Arms Gyrojet Pistol.
  • Head down and examine the pods.
  • As you step further into the corridor, get ready to fight a bunch of pod-people.
  • Head through the door on your right and onto another tram.
  • Swipe your keycard at your objective.
  • Talk to Janet Tang to get her to agree to cooperate. Then get her to spill everything she knows. Decide whether to kill her or to let her go. (If you let her go after being straight with her, then she will help you out later.)
  • Now it's time to take on the security forces while simultaneously accessing computers and entering the Matrix before the countdown clock shuts your access off. Good luck! Note that you only need a decker for the Matrix portion - any party member can access the computers.
    • The Matrix jack point in the room directly in front of the lab entrance lets you:
      • unlock the safe (right)
      • shut down ALL drones in the facility (left)
    • The computer to the left of the lab entrance lets you override the simsense feeds.
    • The computer in the room to the right of the entrance lets you override silver dream matrix interlocks.
    • The lab safe contains Paydata: SARS III disease sample (worth 1444 nuyen)
  • Once you've dispatched the guards, pick up the cure. Now it's time to escape.
  • Hop on the tram.
  • If you helped the test subjects escape, they will be neutrals in the next fight. Individually they're pretty useless, but there are a lot of them.
  • Don't forget to loot the medical closet before getting on the next tram. (Shamanic Salve, DocWagon Platinum Trauma Kit)
  • Grab the tram out of here.
  • With high enough Drone Control or Decking, you can take the tram back to the first lab you answered the intercom in where you'll fight four guards. Commander Gara will give you the dialogue "option" to surrender, but if you do that he'll just laugh and get the jump on you in the fight. Attack them first to get the jump. If you don't have high enough decking or drone control, pull the emergency brake and get ready for an ambush.
  • If you let Janet Tang escape, she will aid you by taking control of the turrets. If you avoid the ambush and released the silver dream test subjects, while heading for the exits from the first lab she will inform you that she needs the remaining SARS III antibodies to treat those exposed at Shiawase. You can either take off with all the samples and tell her no can do, or she will show you how to dose yourself, allow you to pocket one vial for your client, and leave the rest behind for her, at which point she will wire you 850 nuyen. Your client will still pay you 1700 for the one vial.
  • Take the elevator and then talk to Jomo to get out of here.