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Mandatory objectives
  • Shut down building security
  • Reach the 25th floor
  • Recover the prototype
  • Escape with the Prototype
Optional objectives
  • Clear the toxic gas from the lab
  • Find out more about Project Atlas
  • Schockwellenreiter: Acquire data
  • Return the Prototype Undamaged to the Lodge
  • LocationAG Chemie Europa Facility
    Rewards22500¥ + 2000¥ (optional)
    10+2+1+2 karma
    Special rulesDon't let MKVI be harmed (optional)

    MKVI is a mission in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    Monolithic. Plastic. Sterile. The Berlin office of AG Chemie Europa is all of these things and more. The worst qualities of modern corporate culture, all mixed into a toxic stew and sluiced into a single prefab office building.

    Thankfully, you shouldn't have to stay long. According to the intel that your client provided, this should be a simple smash-and-grab operation, and you've been given the tools to carry it out with a minimum of fuss.

    The MKVI Prototype - whatever it is - is waiting for you on the 25th floor. It's time to go and get it.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • Loot the medkit on the wall near your starting position - then use the maintenance controls and tap the little black box in. Congratulations: You just crippled the building's power. Head to the elevator.

    If you previously completed the Trial Run offered by Black Lodge and agreed to work for them, you'll be called up by Luca Duerr before getting on the elevator. The Lodge wants you to double-cross your client and deliver the prototype to them instead. You can discuss it with your team; Eiger, predictably, is fully against it, while Blitz wonders why you wouldn't go for the bigger payday. The decision is left for the end of the run.

    The 24th Floor[edit | edit source]

    • You will be automatically provided with access to cameras throughout the building. Use it to loot the place.
      • The laboratory is inaccessible due to a phosgene contamination (COCl2). You'll need to get rid of it to enter the lab area.
        • With Decking 5 you can fake an authorization that allows you to vent the gas to the outside. Although this is a public health hazard, you gain 1 karma. Without Decking 5, Blitz can instead vent the lab but there is no karma award for doing so. Venting describes the lockdown as disengaged (and unlocks the lab doors) but does not prevent you from disengaging the lockdown yourself (see next).
        • The Substance Library is offline but it directs you to the Data Store which lists NH3. Or, with Biotech 4 you recall that ammonia neutralizes phosgene. Once you learn about ammonia, use the console to manually introduce a gaseous agent. This is worth 2 karma. You can then safely disengage the lockdown and earn another 1 karma.
        • Once you're inside the laboratory, you can read the dead scientist's journal and hear about "Formula 17". You should also pick up the handwritten note at the back of the room, which has Herr Stromberg's security code (54139) on it.
      • In the Data Store, you can access a bunch of information:
        • COCl2 or PHOSGENE: you learn that ammonia (NH3) gas can be used to neutralize phosgene gas.
        • Project ATLAS (requires Stromberg's security code, or Decking 5). With Etiquette:Corporate you can decipher the text, or just view the visual record (requires Haushofer's security code, or Decking 6)
        • FORMULA 17 (requires Stromberg's security code, or Decking 5).
        • You can also look up information on various employees by searching their names, though it seems to be just flavour text.
      • Inside Harrdegger's office, you will be provided with a request from the Schockwellenreiter: Retrieve visual records, project data, and the chemical formula for MKVI. All can be downloaded from the Data Store. You can also steal a bottle of Cheap Booze from the desk, which Altug will purchase for 10¥. With the Etiquette: Socialite you can additionally loot more expensive bottle of Islay Scotch - it can be later sold to Altug for 400¥ or for 500¥ with Charisma 5.
      • Inside the office of Stromberg's secretary, Annike Schroeder (entering requires her code, or possibly Spellcasting or Conjuring; note that you can not use Decking to get around this), you'll find Herr Haushofer's authorization code: 84792. It unlocks access to the 25th floor. Stromberg's office has an empty file folder for Project Atlas.
      • From the wastebasket outside Annike's office you can summon a Heath spirit which directs you to a paper scrap bearing "847??" and it also describes the astral pollution of the prototype upstairs.
      • The cameras allow you to see the guards in the security room. You can skip them, but if you do and come back later, the Mossberg CMBT (with Smartlink) in the cabinet will not be retrievable.

    The 25th Floor[edit | edit source]

    • Enter the floor - and marvel at how the lights come back on. As one of your group members says, that can't be good.
    • Reach the end to find the Cyberzombie. Blitz will volunteer to rig it, but with Drone Control 4, you can rig it yourself. The Cyberzombie does not get the Drone Combat Bonus buff when rigged but it comes with its own Close Combat Defence Bonus. If your party hasn't got a rigger, you can just slave the Cyberzombie to your commlink.
      • Glory can examine the poor thing and conclude that the troll is still alive - and conscious. She will ask you to put it out of its misery - or you can ask her to help him.
      • You can use also aura reading if you have Willpower 5.
    • Exit the room. Surprise, the Knight Errant arrive. The fight is inevitable - focus ALL fire on the rigger carrying a cyberdeck, as he will hack the Cyberzombie and cause you to wind up in a world of pain. Confusing him using Blitz's "Hijack Commlink" does not prevent him from hacking. Try to cluster the enemy and use explosives or AOE weapons.

    Back to the 24th Floor[edit | edit source]

    More fun, with no less than five groups of Knight Errant to wipe out. You can bypass the one in the security room and the central area, first by ignoring the access panel, the second by using someone with Decking 4 to pop the door open and run ahead. Focus on wiping out riggers to keep the Cyberzombie on your side.

    • With Decking 4 you can unlock the north hallway doors (a slight shortcut). This may also allow you to flank the KE troops in the middle section or avoid them completely.
    • You can also use Decking 3 to re-enter the Security HQ. You will have to fight some KE guards there. But you can Deck into the Matrix and hack the security cameras, which allows you to see where all the KE troops are positioned.
    • The group at the south end of the area next to the executive offices will first try to advance, but after three deaths or so, will fall back. At this time they will call in reinforcements (the last group) that are hiding around the corner, next to the elevator. This last group doesn't have a rigger.

    Garage[edit | edit source]

    Ready for extraction and do hard choices.

    • Keep Cyberzombie alive
      • Mr Schmidt: Load the MKVI into the NE van completing the assignment.
      • Black Lodge: Load unharmed MKVI into the SW van for additional 2k¥.
    • Release Cyberzombie from its misery
      • Have Blitz or Glory disable the inhibitor, leading to the troll thanking you - and promptly crushing its own head.
      • Put out its misery yourself with a neckshot.

    The Kreuzbazar[edit | edit source]

    Return the data to Schockwellenreiter payphone[edit | edit source]

    Use the phone found in N section of the map to return the paydata for 1000¥ and 2 karma.

    Safehouse[edit | edit source]

    Use your computer and collect the pay for the job.

    • If you delivered the live zombie to Herr Schmidt, your payment is 22500¥, which yields you 3750¥.
    • If you delivered the live zombie to the Lodge, you get the same as above, plus 2000¥ more for your personal funds by speaking to Luca Duerr.
    • If you killed the zombie, Herr Schmidt is unhappy, but pays you anyway.