Luca Duerr

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Luca Duerr
Npc humanmale lodgerep.png
AffiliationBlack Lodge
LocationCafe Cezve
QuestsTrial Run

Luca Duerr is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

The representative of the mysterious Berlin lodge, Luca appears in Cafe Cezve after a couple of runs and offers you an unique opportunity to work for his organization and prove your mettle.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Luca offers the trial run, planting listening devices in the apartment of a pro-corporate extremist (or so he says). It is meant to evaluate your suitability for subsequent work with the lodge - and no, you can't take your team with you.
  • After the run concludes, you have the option of chewing him out or kicking him out of the kiez, which will sever your ties with the Lodge. If you do not, however, you will be placed on its payroll and receive ¥1500 as a welcome-aboard bonus.
  • During False Flag, you'll receive a mission from Luca to let Stahl live.
  • During MKVI, Luca will ask you to deliver the cyberzombie to the Lodge.
  • During Bloodline, you'll receive an additional objective that's worth ¥1000 for completing it.
  • If at least 2 objectives are completed, after Bloodline, the Lodge will send a package containing some valuable items to the safehouse.
  • If you received the reward package, in the epilogue, Luca will inform you that the tasks you did for him were useful for undermining his rivals within the Lodge. Thanks to your help, he has gained enough trust to be influential on the global (rather than regional) level.