Loose Ends

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Loose Ends
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Mandatory objectives
  • Find the Rigger
  • Kill the Rigger
  • Free the Rigger
    • Give the Rigger to Johson
    • Kill Johnson's Representatives
LocationSCHERING Pharma AG lab
Rewards¥2,500 (¥7,500 for the Alice fund), variable amounts of Karma.

Loose Ends is an optional mission in Dragonfall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Your client has hired you to "tie up loose ends" at a site of a botched cloak-and-dagger operation. One of the operatives from the failed mission has been captured by Knight Errant security forces, and it's only a matter of time before he talks. Your job is simple: kick in the door, find the operative, and put a bullet in his guts before he can spill them.

The reception area of the SCHERING Pharma AG lab looks normal enough. The synthleather couches were obviously designed more for appearance than for comfort, and the blue steel walls are gently illuminated with energy-efficient recessed lighting. All in all, it's a perfect example of typical corporate design sensibilities: bland, generic, and safe. An overturned houseplant is the only sign that something might be amiss in the lab ahead."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • This is an extremely combat-heavy mission. Bring the heaviest guns and armor you can. Your first obstacle is a pair of Knight-Errant guards, easy to take out due to the fact that they're out in the open. After two turns, two more guards join the fun. Jack in to hack the systems if you have a decker, but don't expect much progress - you'll have roughly ten (!) IC programs to fight off. Kiting works best, especially against the White Sparky IC.
  • The central area has four KE targets, including a mage. You can flank from both sides to gain an advantage, but be warned: Every two turns, two more KE operators will enter the room and make your life miserable.
    • You can summon a spirit with a Shaman from the biohazard dump in the corner of the room.
  • After you wipe out a total of eight KE's, you'll be free to explore without the burden of combat. Things of note:
  • The next major encounter is in the hallway beyond, where you'll face three KE (a Shaman and two regulars) supported by a pair of drones and a pair of turrets.
    • You can wipe out the drones and reduce the opposition due to the fact that they cluster together. The turrets can be turned to your side using the turret control panel on the wall (Decking 4 and Drone Control 5) or destroyed (Decking 3).
    • After two turns, two more KE will enter (a mage and a regular).
    • There are two more KE (grenadier and a regular) waiting for you to come to the elevator.
  • Head on to the elevator once you're done.

Upper floor[edit | edit source]

  • Say hello to your predecessors. Enter the room to face four KE guarding your target.
  • In order to lock out KE reinforcements, you need to send a decker to jack into the terminal next to the entrance. You can also open the containment cells and release the basilisks from the terminal next to the jack - a useful way to avoid wasting a turn on just getting to the jack. However, don't expect much help from the beasts.
    • The Matrix actually has two interesting options. The door reinforcement will not work out with a low level decker, but you can enter the side section and pick up some paydata: Chemical research data. Note: the terminal will disappear after this fight, so you have to grab the paydata before combat ends.
    • Locking out the reinforcements will stop four KE from entering the room. Otherwise, you'll have another mage and three regulars to fool around with.
  • Once you're done, approach your target, Thorvald Enstad. Here, you have several choices:
    • Kill him to complete the mission and make Eiger happy. This doesn't make Glory and Dietrich or any other runner happy. However, note that killing him WITHOUT hearing his side of the story nets you an additional 3 Karma.
    • Free him to gain a pain inducer, at the expense of Eiger's satisfaction.

Lower floor[edit | edit source]

  • If you go back with Thorvald in tow, you'll be able to ask him about his work on the building. It isn't pretty. When you pass the room with the lab tech torn apart by the auto-doc, he'll break up and start laughing, describing the "hilarity" of slowly torturing a lab technician. Your entire team will start tripping over each other, asking to murder him. Even the normally stoic Glory.
  • At the same time, a company man acting on behalf of Herr Fuchs will enter the room and confront you. If you killed the shadowrunner, he will react appropriately. Otherwise, he will accuse you of betrayal, even if you kill the runner on the spot - unless you have Etiquette Shadowrunner.
  • You can always kill the company man and set the rigger free, but doing that won't earn you any points with your team. Also, you will not get any Karma from completing the mission. You will get the pain inducer and the ¥15,000, however.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

There's also a short quest called Loose Ends in Dead Man's Switch.