Jessica Watts

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Jessica Watts
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FamilySam Watts

Jessica Watts is a the primary villain in Shadowrun Returns.

Background[edit | edit source]

As revealed in the Shadowrun Returns Anthology short-story "Belonging," Jessica fled her family at a young age and moved to California. There, she encounted the Universal Brotherhood and rose quickly though the ranks, eventually joining the Inner Circle and becoming part of the plans to bring the Insect Spirits to our world. Jessica was soon tasked with assisting the Brotherhood in Seattle, and ascended to the rank of Grandmother.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

The player first meets Jessica in the Seamstresses's Union after Coyote locates her. It is revealed that her relationship with Sam became strained soon after their father left them, and Sam turned to drugs and alcohol to try and cope with the pressure, causing Jessica to leave for California. The player has the option to give Jessica the chlldhood photo of herself and Sam. Jessica invites the player to Sam's funeral and where the body of her mother, who was a devout Catholic, is being re-buried.

Soon after this, the player raids the safehouse of the Emerald City Ripper, the serial killer who killed Sam. The player finds out from the Ripper's terminal that Jessica hired the Ripper to kill people her mother had given organs to- including Sam. Confronted with this information at the burial by the player (Who is assisted by Jake Armatage and Coyote), Jessica lets her mask slip and flies into a tirade about how much she detested her brother. She soon leaves after calling a hit-squad in to kill the player.

Later, while the player is raiding the Universal Brotherhood, Jessica is encountered again behind a bulletproof glass window. Jessica shows the player the Insect Spirits at this point, and attempts to convince her latest captive, Marie-Louise, to become their Queen. With the aid of Marie Louise and Baron Samedi, the player escapes the Universal Brotherhood.

Following the protagonists' arrest at the hands of Lone Star after the Telestrian raid, they are contracted by James Telestrian III personally to eliminate Jessica and the Universal Broterhood before they summon an Insect Queen. After confronting Jessica in the bowels of the Universal Brotherhood complex in Seattle, Jessica can finally come to the error of her ways. Alternatively, the player can allow for her to be killed by rampaging Insect Spirits.