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Npc dwarffemale is0bel.png
QuestsHard Landing, DeckCon 2056, The Sinking Ship

Is0bel is a character and crew member in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Background[edit | edit source]

Is0bel hails from the Walled City; she was led out of it by Gobbet. She is reluctant to talk much about her childhood back in the Walled City.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Is0bel first joins the player character and Duncan (unwillingly) during Hard Landing.
  • For City of Darkness, either her or Gobbet will accompany you as a runner, which will affect how you approach the run. (assuming you're not a decker or shaman)
  • After hearing enough of her life story, Is0bel will give you her personal quest: DeckCon 2056. Completing it will eventually allow her to tell you a story about a boy and a Yama King.
  • She's the only other runner you can bring along for Gobbet's personal run (The Sinking Ship).
  • Is0bel generally dislikes resolving runs with cruelty or excessive violence.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Her grenade launcher is a useful weapon for attacking enemies behind cover or clustered together; remember that in Shadows of Hong Kong, grenadiers and some captain enemies can throw back grenades. Stunning them (without using stun grenades) will leave them vulnerable to the grenade launcher.
  • Like Racter, Is0bel can use Smartlink weapons, so you may buy Smartlink pistols for her if you wish.
  • Her library of programs do not include Shield, so runs with mandatory and relatively difficult encounters within the Matrix should be done when she is at a higher level.
  • Is0bel starts out with a deck of her own creation, which has the stats of a Renraku Kraftwerk-1, but with an impressive 225 IP. However, as the game progresses, her cyberdeck only gives her 3 AP, and allows her to do only 50 IP damage (before criticals/cover penalties). As her cyberdeck cannot be swapped out, knowing the limitations of her deck is essential if you intend to use her as your main decker, especially in Prosperity Tower.

Character upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Upgrade options Other bonuses
2 Augment Gear: Mini-Launcher
Is0bel's grenade launcher can now fire Remote Mines, which can be detonated at will.
Gain Program: Tar Blaster
A upgraded "Blaster" program that also sticks enemies in place for 1 turn.
+1 to:
3 Gain Ability: Steady Shot
A pistol ability that increases accuracy by 30% and critical chance by a small amount for one shot. Costs 2 AP. 3 turn cooldown.
Gain Ability: Mark Target
Is0bel's Mark Target ability now also reduces the target's armor by 1.
+1 to:
4 Augment Weapon: Mini-Launcher
Is0bel's grenade launcher now also strips armor with every shot.
Boost Program
Increases Is0bel's Persona speed while sneaking in the Matrix by 40%. Does not stack with other Boost programs.
+1 to:

+2 to:

5 Gain Cyberware: BrightLight System
Capable of blinding an opponent for 2 turns. Costs 2 AP. 6 turn cooldown.
Gain Cyberware: JoltAlert System
If Is0bel is stunned, she will be jolted awake with 1 AP.
+1 to:

+2 to:

6 Napalm Charges
Adds a napalm effect to Is0bel's grenade launcher. Grenades now ignite targets and do an additional 3 DoT for 2 turns.
Pain Suppression
When Is0bel is jacked into the Matrix, attacks on her physical body are reduced by 3 DMG.
+1 to:

+2 to: