Into the Dark

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Into the Dark
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Mandatory objectives
  • Find a Way Back Into the Facility

Into the Dark is a mission in Dragonfall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

You squeeze through the narrow gap beneath the floor panels and climb down into a large space beneath the lab complex. Darkness surrounds you, and the air smells moldy and stale.

As your eyes slowly adjust to the light, you can make out the dim planes of cobweb-covered walls and scattered construction equipment. Judging by the dust and disrepair, this place appears to have been abandoned long ago.

Meanwhile, somewhere else beneath the Harfeld Manor, Dr. Adrian Vauclair is preparing to wake a dragon and unleash it on an unsuspecting Berlin.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • Below the Harfeld bunker lies an abandoned missile base. Your first order of business is to activate the lights. Pickup the fuel canister in front of you and fill up the smaller generator. To fill up the larger diesel generator, you need to go down the right hand corridor and mess with the Scorpyrine. Defeat it, grab the canister, fill up the generator, start it up. Proceed deeper into the facility.
  • After unlocking the first door, you can look down through the crack and listen to the goons setting up an ambush. Continue beyond. The exit door is barred by an RFID scanner, so head into the blasting area. You will get to fight several firedrakes while looking for the RFID chip. You can find it on the ground next to them, down left.
  • Down right, you will find a prepared blasting location, with a group of goons just below. Are you thinking what we're thinking? Enter the room next door, kill the two Scorpyrines, then rotate around the back corridor to find a transition to the level below and, further in the back, a mysterious rock that you can examine as a mage or shaman (or have one from your party do it). This will grant you two earth fetishes, one force 4 and one force 6.
  • To drop the floor on the goons, go back to the RFID-locked door, use the keycard, then the terminal to arm explosives. That takes care of one group of goons. Use the level transition to drop down below.
  • Once you arrive below, APEX (if it's still alive) will demand you complete a task. That's right: demand, not ask. It asks you to remove the safeguards separating it from the dragon. Grab the map of the facility from the wall and move on.
  • To the right, you will find a small corridor and a jack-in point. The Matrix layout is simple (hey, this is a 20 year old bunker) and any halfway competent decker should be able to complete it. Clockwise, you will find facility logs, a door switch, and a secondary door node. Behind the door next to the point, you will find a shooting range with four Russian military grenades - and some firedrakes and scorpions. You know the drill. Of course, if your inventory is full or if you don't desire the grenades, ignore this area and move on.
  • The door to the left leads to a storage room with nerve gas and some more scorpions. Mop up, pocket the nerve gas.
    • Alternatively, if you have hacked the secondary door node, you can skip this area, since the nerve gas will kill enemies which you would bypass via that secondary door. Of course, if you feel like gassing some goons, go ahead and do so.
  • The opposite end of the complex houses the infirmary, with a pair of advanced medkits.
  • Enter the hub (center) when you're ready. If you detonated the charges above, you will have one group of mooks less to worry about. Otherwise, it's combat time.
  • Down in the lower-left corner, you will find the HVAC controls, allowing you to use the nerve gas you picked up before to wipe out a group of enemies. Coupled with the charges, it allows you to dispose of all of Audran's mercs without firing a shot. To do so, use the manual intake lever after selecting room #4 for the administrative center.
    • Alternatively, you can bypass them if you opened the secondary door in the Matrix.
  • Beyond you'll find the level transition - and a military combat drug supply box. The code is 3971.
  • Above you'll find a place that looks suspiciously like an end boss staging area. Use the trauma surgery machine to heal up to full. Use the medkits on the wall to give every team member one. Grab the two gold trauma kits and head on to cause the second Dragonfall.