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The interaction editor is used to define how a Prop is interacted with. Upon selected a prop that has been placed, you may access the interaction editor by clicking the IconHammer.PNG icon from the Properties view.

Interaction Type[edit | edit source]

The first thing available is the Interaction Type drop down menu. This will define what properties are later available when customizing the interaction.

Base Properties[edit | edit source]

These basic properties are available no matter what interaction type was selected.

Property Definition
Is Enabled at Map Start Defines if the property is available from the start of the map
Interaction Distance Defines how far an actor can be when interacting with this object
Roll Over Text Defines the text that appears when a player mouses of the interaction icon
Prerequisites for Use Defines If Statements that dictate if the interaction is available to the player

Type Specific Properties[edit | edit source]

These are properties specific to the interaction type selected.

Generic Interaction[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Generic Interaction Icon Defines the Icon that will appear to the player

Decker Jack Point[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Decker Jack Point Matrix Spawn Point Defines where the player will spawn in the matrix.

Matrix Spawn Point[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Matrix Spawn Point Dimension Defines the dimension that the spawn point exists in

Matrix Object[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Matrix Object Prerequisite Control Node State Defines if the current state of the hackable object is controlled by it's prerequisites
Matrix Object Node State Switching Effects Defines the sound and FX played upon the node switching states
Matrix Object Linked Interactables Defines interactable objects that are linked to the matrix object. Matrix labels will changes state to match the the hacked object.

Dummy Matrix Label[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Dummy Matrix Label Label Text Defines the matrix text displayed above the object
Type Property Definition
Shaman Summon Point Summon Icon Defines the icon that appears to the player
Shaman Summon Point Max Summon Force Defines the max possible level of a spirit summoned from this point
Shaman Summon Point Actor Properties Define the properties of the Actor (Spirit) being summoned

Item Pickup[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Item Pickup Item Name Defines the item to be picked up
Item Pickup Destroy Object on Pickup Defines if the object is to be destroyed upon completing its interaction

Conversation[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Conversation Conversation ID Defines the Conversation that will start
Conversation Turn to face player Defines if the object interacted with will face the actor that interacted with it

Door[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Door Initial Door State Defines whether the door starts out opened or closed
Door AI Only Door Defines if only the AI is allowed to interact with the door
Door Door Sound Defines the sound played upon interacting with the door

Scene Transition[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Scene Transition Scene to Load Defines the scene to be loaded upon accepting the interaction
Scene Transition Confirmation Text Defines the text displayed to the player upon interacting with a scene transition

Inspect Interaction[edit | edit source]

Type Property Definition
Inspect Interaction Text Display Time Defines the duration in seconds that text is displayed upon interacting with the object\
Inspect Interaction Text Fade Out Time Defines the fade duration in seconds of the text that is displayed
Inspect Interaction Inspection Text Defines the text displayed upon interacted with this object