In Transit

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In Transit
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Mandatory objectives
  • Restore Power to the Train
  • Escape
  • Take the Encrypted PDA to Amsel
Rewards10 karma

In Transit is a mission in Dragonfall.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Your subway car is empty on the return trip to the Kreuzbasar. This stretch of the sprawling U-Bahn tunnel system doesn't see much use, it seems. At least not at this hour.

As the train rattles on, you find yourself lost in thought. Old memories creep, unbidden, to the forefront of your mind. Memories of Monika in the old days, and the crew that you used to run with. Memories of success and failure, of wealth and poverty, of good times and bad.

Halfway back to the Kreuzbasar, you are jolted out of your reverie by a buzzing sound. Your commlink. You're receiving a call.

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

  • The mission starts like an interactive cutscene. You're informed of a new run, Bloodline, and are asked to choose a location by Amsel. The choices are Cafe Cezve, the alley with the faux-Siegesaule, and the U-Bahn station.
  • The call is interrupted when the car grinds to a halt. Turns out the whole line suddenly lost power.
  • First, grab the fuse from the floor in the hall. Second, go into the bathroom and modify the set-up so that two fuses are joined to the track (TRCK). This helps redirect power. While here, take the Advanced Medkit on the wall.
  • Use the mechanical bridge to get to the other side. Enter the maintenance area - it's dark in there. The side door can be opened with Strength 6 (or Eiger or Glory). Enter the room in front of you and reset the breaker box.
  • Surprise! A trap. Who would have thought! The three mercenaries are easy to take out in the confined quarters. Take the encrypted PDA their captain drops.
  • The next room contains more miscreants. Deal with them.
  • Get back to the other side, withdraw the bridge, and re-board the train. Time to head back to Paul for some decryption.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

  • Give the encrypted PDA to Paul. He'll be able to extract a file from it, but it's enough as it reveals that Audran is still hot on your tail.