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Npc humanmale hasenkamp.png
RoleAssistant to Meat Grinder
QuestsSettling Debts

Hasenkamp is a character in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

Hasenkamp sticks out among the Drogenkippe like a sore thumb - but due to the fact that he is the second in command to Meat Grinder, he can afford to. A financial specialist, he has helped the Meat Grinder run his books of extortion and loan sharking and making sure everybody that owns the Grinder nuyen pays up.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Hasenkamp leads you into the building to process the transfer - his presence is a surprise, but it's due to Blitz informing the mob boss of the plan. Hasenkamp joins the party as a temporary follower and offers biting commentary on everything you and Blitz do. Especially Blitz.
  • He will modify the terms of the run when you enter the vault and it can't be changed. He's a pretty capable fighter for an accountant, highlighting the fact that he's something more than just a paper-pusher.
  • When you reach the entry hall, it turns out that Hasenkamp is an assassin - and Blitz wants to whack him. In this case, you can:
    • Refuse to kill him, he will leave with the box and hands it over to the Meat Grinder who kills him for his loyalty, but not without leaving you with Jurgen's security detail to with.
    • Attempt to Kill him, however Jurgen Plotz catches wind of Blitz's hacking attempt and turns the turrets in favor of Hasenkamp, forcing you to an one on one duel in both meatspace and matrix.
    • Convince him that Meat Grinder wants him out of the way. Do this by reading the paper trail that's scattered in the area. In short, Meat Grinder has fallen in with Plotz and given the bad blood between Plotz and Hasenkamp...
  • If you convince him, he will join you in the fight. And after, he goes out to change the power structure in the Berlin shadows by offing the Meat Grinder - and do it in time to read his grandchildren a story.