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Overview[edit | edit source]

Grenades are consumable (single-use) thrown explosives. They normally affect a 3x3 area.

Team members (but not the player's character) will replenish their grenades automatically for free after every mission.

  • Strength increases the distance a character can throw grenades.
  • Throwing Weapons improves a character's accuracy when throwing grenades.
    • Level 5 in Throwing Weapons will reduce the AP cost of throwing a grenade to 1 AP (instead of 2).

Grenade Types[edit | edit source]

  • Fragmentation/High Explosive - These are your typical AoE damage grenades.
  • Phosphorous - These cause immediate AoE damage and also light targets on fire, causing DoT.
  • Concussion - These cause Action Point (AP) damage rather than Hit Point (HP) damage.
  • Flashbang - Similar, but better than Concussion, these cause AP damage with no HP damage, but also make targets easier to hit.
  • Smoke - A defensive grenade that makes targets harder to hit.
  • Voltaic (unique to Eiger, if she chooses this as her reward in her personal mission)- Fry the nervous system and cook the organs of anyone in its blast radius.