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Npc ghoulmale gaichu.png
RoleRed Samurai
LocationMagpie's Storeroom; Safe boat (after recruitment)
QuestsOutsider, Retribution

Gaichu is a character and potential crew member in Shadowrun: Hong Kong.

Background[edit | edit source]

A former Red Samurai (with the former operative name of Saru), Gaichu is now a ghoul, though not a mindless one. His new status has him questioning the doctrinal rigidity of the Red Samurai; Gaichu now fights to win, at all costs if need be.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Gaichu is first seen in Outsider, where he reveals how he's involved with the Whampoa Elders. If you want to recruit him, make sure you make the correct decision on how to deal with him.
  • His personal run (Retribution) can be completed with a full party of 4 runners: the player character, himself and 2 other runners. It is also the only personal run which nets a nuyen reward.
  • Like Racter, Etiquette Academic will allow you to get the various references he makes throughout your conversations with him.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Gaichu is a melee specialist (Close Combat 7, Melee 5 in Shadows). In fact, since his Ranged Combat is 0, he cannot use guns at all. However, he can use throwing weapons (level 6).
  • Due to his throwing weapon skill, Gaichu requires only 1 AP to throw grenades (once it reaches 5).

Character Upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Red Samurai Track Ghoul Track Other Bonuses
2 Gain Ability: Active Defense
Gaichu gains a defensive ability that adds +2 Armor +1 Dodge. Cost: 1 AP. Cooldown: 5
Gain Ability: Rip
Gaichu gains a claw ability, Rip. Does an additional 2 DMG and 2 bleeding DMG for 2 RNDs. Cost: 1 AP. Cooldown: 2.
+1 to:
3 Gain Ability: Shuriken
Gaichu gains a ranged ability, a quick shuriken toss. DMG: 12 HP, 1 AP. Max range: 10. Cooldown: 2.
Gain Ability: Spit
Gaichu gains a ranged ability, spitting infected saliva into the target’s face. Ignores all armor. DMG: 8, with an additional 4 DMG for 2 rounds. Max Range: 10. Cooldown: 2.
+1 to:
4 Gain Ability: Coup de Grace
Gaichu gains a katana ability. +100 DMG, but can only attack stunned targets. Cost: 2 AP. Cooldown: 3.
Gain Ability: Bite
Gaichu takes a bite out of his foe, restoring 8 HP over two rounds and gaining 1 Strength through the consumption of their flesh. + HP DMG, +1 AP DMG. Cooldown: 2.
+1 to:
5 Augment Stance: Metal: Cover Bonus
Gaichu’s Metal Stance now provides a Light Cover bonus, preventing critical hits in the open.
Gain Ability: Disease
Gaichu exudes a cloud of diseased spores, damaging nearby enemies. Base DMG: 16, with an ongoing 3 HP and 1 AP DMG for 3 RNDs. AP Cost: 1. Cooldown: 5.
+1 to:
6 Gain Ability: Whirlwind
Gaichu gains a katana attack that can hit adjacent targets. +2 DMG. Cannot do AP DMG, Cooldown: 2.
Gain Ability: Regenerate
Gaichu gains an ability which lets him regenerate 6 HP per RND for 3 RNDs. AP cost: 1. Cooldown: 2.
+1 to: