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Npc humanfemale feuerschwinge.png
QuestsPanacea, Dragonfall

Feuerschwinge is a great dragon in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

Feuerschwinge was once one of the most powerful dragons - and one of the most savage. Her awakening in Germany led to a four month long rampage, before the combined might of the German army managed to shoot her down - and apparently kill her. The Dragonfall, as the event came to be known, became one of the most important events in the new history of the German state - but was she really dead? Dr Adrian Vauclair, who designed weapons capable of bringing the great dragon down and provided them to the Luftwaffe, was convinced that yes, that was it.

But, no: they found her - her body and her astral form, separated. Feuerschwinge's soul was placed in a woman, kept in a containment cell beneath the manor, her face pressed against the glass, her haunted yellow eyes tracking your every move. She appears frightened, disoriented. Lost. Her mouth moves silently, her voice muted by her glass cage.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Feuerschwinge will beg you to release her, after 40 years of separation from her body and 20 of solitary confinement. She will trade you the secret of the facility below in return for her release.
  • You have several choices on how to deal with her at the end of the game:
    • free her (by convincing her to withdraw to Amazonia and sleep the age away);
    • abandon her;
    • kill her by blowing up the facility
    • If APEX is still alive, you can hand her over to the AI.