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EffectProvides special dialogue options

Etiquette is a special skill showing off your character's knowledge of a particular culture, providing unique options in dialogue. in some occasions, having the correct etiquette may be the only way to avoid combat or to gain insight into the discussion at hand. Only elves start with 1 etiquette option if using custom classes; new options are available as Karma is invested in Charisma. If using an archetype then 2 karma has been automatically invested into charisma, granting all races a starting choice.

Available etiquettes[edit | edit source]

Elves can have the highest number of etiquettes (6), but no character can have all seven. Only about three are typically required to get the maximum amount of easy Nuyen in a campaign.

Use in campaigns[edit | edit source]

  • The Dead Man's Switch most profitable choices are Academic, Corporate and Socialite. All 3 are used (in the order listed) when negotiating better prices from Van Graas, while Corporate is also used in negotiating more nuyen for saving Seattle. Gang and Shadowrunner are used but are not as rewarding due to only gaining 200/200 (latter requires Decking 4) and 500 (Shadowrunner is a less rewarding alternative to Socialite) additional nuyen. Using gang in the Redmond Barrens results in no reward, versus 48 nuyen (fighting), and 200 nuyen (Strength 4). Academic and Socialite are the most rewarding when selling to Van Graas (if using light charisma), each results in an additional 1,000 nuyen. Corporate is the most rewarding overall but not until end game and Out of the Shadows is bugged, preventing acquisition of the additional 5,000 nuyen. For maximum nuyen decking 6, charisma 10, Academic, Shadowrunner/Gang (simultaneously), Corporate and Socialite are required.
  • Many parts of Dragonfall use Security, while Hong Kong uses Academic, Shadowrunner and Gang.