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Npc trollfemale eiger.png
AffiliationKommando Spezialkräfte (formerly)
Independent shadowrunner
RoleWeapons specialist
LocationBerlin safehouse
QuestsDown the Rabbit Hole, Beneath the Kreuzbasar
Character Statistics
AttributesStrength: 6
Quickness: 5
Intelligence: 4
Charisma: 3
Willpower: 2
Body: 5
SkillsThrowing Weapons: 3
Ranged Combat: 3
Dodge: 1
Biotech: 1
SpecializationsShotgun: 2
Rifle: 2

Eiger is a crew member in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

A veteran of Germany's finest special forces unit, Kommando Spezialkräfte, Eiger has a long and distinguished history of military service. She worked as part of an eight person team, divided into two squads: Schmidt and Lange, combat deckers, Wolff, rigger and combat engineer, Fischer, demolitions, Braun, medic, and Metzger, Kruger, and Eiger herself as weapons experts. Her last mission in professional service was a technically illegal excursion into Poland, where the Russian mafia has set up a human trafficking ring. Operating along the Oder-Neisse line, the militarized mafia was too much for police units to handle - and so, the KSK was sent in. That mission ended with her squad wiped out - and Eiger forced into a shadowrunning career, disavowed by her superiors. The cause? A rich kid who looked great on paper, made it through KSK training, but proved too green to keep up - Hoffman.

He was placed on Eiger's team after his father pulled a lot of strings. Nobody wanted him on the team, but they were forced to accept the wannabe heroes. They penetrated the outlying territory and closed in on the warehouses used by the mob to stage their operations, fifty miles from the border. Abducted women would be packed into containers like cattle, then shipped to brothels inside Germany. The team had fewer men - but a strong tactical advantage. The mob didn't know where to hit Eiger's team, which had eyes in the sky, cover and concealment. Every time they thought they had a fix they'd shift positions and hit them again. Everything went all right, until Hoffman broke cover. That was the beginning of the end. Her team was destroyed down to two: Eiger and Hoffman. Eiger took three rounds and had to drag herself back through the Oder-Neisse into Germany.

She still has her contacts in the KSK, allowing her to acquire military supplies and munitions not available on the market. Eiger also retains her love of planning and order, reacting with skepticism or outright hostility to runners from the flux state, for whom chaos and improvisation are a part of life. That said, she's not one to show insubordination.

Interestingly, her street name comes from Eiger in the Bernese Alps, given to her by a recruit in basic training. He described her as "Huge, beautiful, but dangerous to climb." Eiger speculates that he wanted to proposition her, in his own, clumsy way. The attempts stopped after she broke three of his ribs - and made the name stuck. The brass never reprimanded her. Eiger notes that she broke his ribs specifically to make the nickname mean what she wants - not what he wanted.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Eiger is one of Monika's closest friends and is understandably angered by her death. She will blame you, of course, as you were designated the second in command shortly before Monika's death. Eiger is a powerful asset to the team and responds well to professionalism and organisation - two traits that are rare in the Berlin Flux State. Winning her over takes time - but her support is invaluable.
  • After completing The Drug Pit (her first run with you in charge), Eiger will offer an apology for her earlier behavior - after realizing that you couldn't do anything to save Monika, not when she was faced with something as brutal as the feedback that killed her and Green Winters. Your response to her apology influences her attitude towards you: Eiger values authority and backbone, but not insults.
  • After the second run, you can start working on Eiger to make her open up. The best way is to emphasize that you simply want to get to know her better. She will reveal a few facts from her past, depending on how much she likes you. She will open up more throughout the runs.
  • Eiger is a professional and follows orders - but she also has a conscience. In the MKVI run, she will support euthanizing the troll, even though it compromises the mission. As she notes, walking away from a run with a clean conscience is worth the hit to the pouch and reputation.
  • She will approve of killing Thorvald Enstad without hesitation.

Loyalty run[edit | edit source]

  • After you progress far enough in her storyline (roughly after the team achieves level 5), she will tell you about Yuli Kozlov, the engineer, a man she encountered during her KSK days. She will mention that he was sighted in the Schattennest and she says she will attack him to protect Berlin. You can offer to come with her to provide backup, but you will only be able to go alone with her. Visit Bannik at Der Weinkeller for more details.
  • Completing the run and forcing Yuli to reveal the location of his stash will get Eiger a Steyr AUG-CSL.
  • Alternatively, letting Eiger kill Yuli before he reveals the location of the rifle will get Eiger a Voltaic Grenade.

Character upgrades[edit | edit source]

  • Eiger can be specced into either an assault trooper or a marksman.
  • The entire team levels up every two runs. The final level-up occurs after Beneath the Kreuzbasar.
  • In case you're wondering, Eiger cannot equip the Vindicator Minigun.
Level Upgrade options Other bonuses
2 Sniper Specialist I
Steady Shot: +35% accuracy shot
(2 AP, 3 turn cooldown)
Shotgun Specialist I
Scatter Shot: Reduces target defense
(1 AP, 2 turn cooldown)
+1 to:
3 Frag Grenade Boost
Upgrades Eiger's grenade to a Cavalier Frag Grenade
Flashbang Grenade
Replaces the standard grenade with a Knight Errant Flashbang, reducing target defense and AP by 2
+1 to:
4 Sniper Specialist II
Eiger can fire a shot that ignores all armor
(2 AP, 5 turn cooldown)
Shotgun Ammo Mod
Eiger can fire a shotgun shell that sets targets on fire and permanently reduces armor by 1, on top of dealing 4 damage
(1 AP, 3 turn cooldown)
+1 to:
5 Sharpshooter
Upgrades Eiger's rifle to a Ranger Arms SM-3 (20 DMG, 6 round magazine, 2 armor piercing)
Unlocks Wired Reflexes: +1 Movement, automatically dodges the first attack each round
(1 AP, 3 turn duration, 4 turn cooldown)
+1 to:
6 Speed Loader
All weapons reloaded for free
(7 turn cooldown)
Sniper Rifle Specialist
Eiger can target two enemies with one action
(1 AP, 3 turn cooldown)
+1 AP
+1 to: