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Dwarfs are one of the metahuman races available at character creation in Shadowrun.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The most popular racial slur for dwarfs is, "Stumplegs". It is featured in graffitti in various parts of the city.

Dwarfs are hardier, stronger and more willful—i.e., stubborn— than humans. They also have thermographic vision, which allows them to see radiated infrared (heat) energy simultaneously with the normal light spectrum. They move more slowly than the other races, but they are also more resistant to disease. And yes, they are short.

Gameplay properties[edit | edit source]

  • +1 to Willpower
  • Maximums:
    • Body: 11
    • Quickness: 9
    • Strength: 12
    • Charisma: 9
    • Intelligence: 9
    • Willpower: 11
  • Preferred archetypes: Street Samurai, Mage, Physical Adept