Drone Control

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Drone Control
EffectAllows the use of different drones
Governing attributeIntelligence
Maximum valueTroll: 6, Orc: 8, Human, Elf, Dwarf: 9
SpecializationsDrone Combat

Drone Control is a skill that allows control over a drone.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Required to use different drone classes, and provides a free Datajack and in some cases a free drone.

Usefulness: The Dead Man's Switch[edit | edit source]

  • Outside of combat it is one of the least used skills in the game (Decking being the most used), and is never used in conversation. There are only two instances where it is used to gain access to an area.
    1. The Royale Apartments, can send it through a wall to open a door. No monetary or karmic reward, and the same thing can be accomplished with Charisma 4, or Strength 4.
    2. The Warehouse, can gain access to a magnetic screwdriver that allows you to open another door to retrieve all 4 haunted items. Using all 4 later when summoning the spirit results in no additional monetary or karmic reward.
  • If unable to activate the drones prior to engaging the enemy it is more likely the foe will use grenades. This is because the PC and their drone are in such close proximity. A fairly early detriment, as it can occur during the first fight in The Redmond Barrens.
  • A single point provides a free class C attack drone that can be sold for 750 nuyen once its usefulness has passed.
  • Two of the same type and quality drone can not be purchased.
    • Spirits (double summons) are not limited in such a way, but are limited by availability on that particular battlefield via static summoning point (not Fetishes).
  • A drone that is knocked out can send feedback to the rigger, inflicting damage and draining AP. Cap of 20 HP seems to be in place.
  • Allows a rigger to essentially have 3 AP much sooner than most other builds. Due to heavy karma investment though this may be less effective than it appears at first glance due to the weaker personal combat ability of the rigger. This is less of a concern if personal combat is ignored entirely in favor of drones, decking and defensive attributes and skills. Mark target from decking is a debuff on the enemy versus a buff for the group, allowing it to improve drone accuracy significantly whereas spells and totems can not do this. Humans, and Orks (in that order) are the most karmic efficient support riggers.
    • Deckers need only invest in intelligence and decking, where riggers need intelligence, drone control and Drone Combat meaning less karma for personal combat effectiveness.
    • Spirit Summoners are similarly karmic challenged, however the fact spirits can gain 4 AP a round at the start of the game, charisma unlocks etiquettes (greater profit and alternate solutions to problems) and a third combat skill (Conjuring, which requires no ranged/close combat skill) heavily offsets the high cost. Spirit summoning, Totems and Spirit Control are also not impacted by a lower Essence allowing use of Cyberware.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

  • Level 1: Can use Class C drones
  • Level 3: Can use Class B drones
  • Level 4: Can equip and use two drones
  • Level 5: Can use Class A drones
  • Level 7: Can use Class S drones