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For the game, see Shadowrun: Dragonfall

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Mandatory objectives
  • Stop the Virus Infusion Process Before It Completes
  • Defeat Audran
  • Exit the Facility
Optional objectives
  • Free Feuerschwinge
  • Dragonfall is a mission in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

    Synopsis[edit | edit source]

    You exit the clean-room to find yourself at the threshold of a vast underground chamber. If the abandoned facility that you just fought through was purgatory, then you now stand at the gateway to hell. The heat emanating from ahead hits you like a hammer - the smell of sulphur and ozone is enough to make your lunch want to find somewhere to hide.

    Above the noise created by the whir of turbines, you can hear the deep rumble of something feral waking up. Something very, very big.

    You check your weapons and step into the vast chamber.

    Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

    • Before the Feuerschwinge's massive body, the last chapter of the drama unfurls. As the virus pumps into her massive body, you have limited time to shut the pumps down. Take down as many enemies as you can in the first round, then focus on deactivating the pumps. Unless you enter the Matrix, every turn three units of the virus will be pumped into her.
    • The easiest way to stop the process is to activate the two pump stations, then hit the emergency vent valves. Note that team mates who use them will be unavailable for the remainder of their turn and the next one. You can repeat the process to keep the virus levels low, allowing you to buy enough time to get rid of Audran, once he comes into the room. Be careful, since the dragon will occasionally breathe fire which can heavily damage those that get hit by it.
    • Focus all of your fire on Audran. Moves which destroy armor are especially useful since he has 10 armor. If Audran had shot Vauclair back in Panacea, he will confront the party a bit earlier. When he dies, he drops the emergency shut-off key, which can be used on the emergency shut-off terminal to stop the virus loading procedure. Do so.
    • You still have to wipe out all enemy resistance afterwards, but at least you're not racing against the clock. After they're dead, you can confront Vauclair - finally (assuming he's still alive, of course). No matter what you do or say, he dies.
    • Use the keycard to leave the facility. Activate the terminal.
      • You can transport Feuerschwinge down.
      • You can transfer control to APEX (if it's still alive).
      • Or you can simply blow it all to hell and let everything sort itself out.
    • Transferring Feuerschwinge's astral body and its container doesn't automatically cause the transfer. You can talk to her and attempt to pry answers out of her with Intelligence 3, read her aura with Spellcasting/Conjuring, or use Etiquette Academic to understand her ramblings. Then, you can choose to either kill her, as per her request, or convince her to live on - and wait for the next age of the world.
    • Once you've made your choice, leave - and it's time for the epilogue at the Kreuzbasar.