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Npc humanmale dietrich.png
AffiliationIndependent shadow runner
QuestsDown the Rabbit Hole, Beneath the Kreuzbasar
Character Statistics
AttributesStrength: 3
Quickness: 4
Intelligence: 3
Charisma: 5
Willpower: 5
Body: 3
SkillsThrowing Weapons: 2
Dodge: 1
Spellcasting: 2
Summoning: 2
Conjuring: 3
SpecializationsSpirit Control: 2

Dietrich is a character and crew member in Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

Background[edit | edit source]

Born in 2007, the middle-aged former punk rocker and a shaman of the Dragonslayer totem. His aging face is traced with a network of faint scars, the legacy of too many fights over too many years. While he still retains a degree of strength and vigor, it's obvious that the shaman you see today is a shadow of his former self. His totem, Dragonslayer, chose him at a young age, developing a healthy disrespect for authority within young Dietrich. Clashes with family aside, he felt it was a pretty good life: Cracking skulls of the powerful to satisfy the 'slayer, then use the rewards to crack even bigger skulls.

He is too old for putting up a show and feels like he's an open book, especially after years of fronting a punk rock band (he makes a point of mentioning that he cannot sing). That part of his lie is a bit of a blur and the MESSERKAMPF! wasn't super-successful at any rate, but he still has a certain fondness for it, especially the period between 2031 and 2036, when they toured Europe and holed up in London. 2039 was a lot more 'interesting', as he fought alongside Berlin's punks to break the back of the human supremacist movements during the Night of Rage. His totem was pleased.

However, Dietrich abandoned punk rockery and turned to fighting real enemies, great and small, as a shadowrunner. His last big mark, before targeting Feuerschwinge, was the Wildschwein, leader of the Berlin chapter of the Horde. the reason why he abandoned the life of a rock star is that fighting in the Night of Rage was fulfilling - but his followers and fans who followed him into the thick of it, none of them had the protection or hardened experience of a skilled Shaman and many of his fans died and did not want to risk their lives.

Interactions[edit | edit source]

  • Dietrich is the old man of the team and a capable, if slightly burned-out shaman. He is the polar opposite of Eiger and is as anarchic as Berliners come. He is useful in combat as support and healer, though requires a fair bit of buffs and stat upgrades to be a reliable offensive caster.
  • He will ask to be brought along for the False Flag run, to get his nephew, Alexander, out of Humanis' hands. If you succeed in this, he will be granted the ability to create ley lines on the ground whenever he remains stationary, boosting his magical abilities. (This ability occupies a spell slot.) As he says, the Dragonslayer isn't stingy with his gifts. Fail, and Dietrich loses all respect towards you.
  • As you make your way through the runs, Dietrich will reveal more about his relationship with the Dragonslayer - and point out that ultimately, he will die in a fight he can't win. You can discuss the matter with him - and even suggest that he can consider taking on a different kind of dragon, to avoid getting killed by his totem. This will make Dietrich think about it.
  • Eventually, you can talk to him and suggest asking the Dragonslayer about the shift in priorities - you can suggest targeting Humanis, Saeder-Krupp, or simply protecting the Flux State.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Dietrich is a support spellcaster due to his relatively low Conjuring and Spellcasting scores (6 & 5 respectively at level 6). As such, loan him spells which buff the party (e.g. another Haste spell of a different level from the one he has equipped by default) or debuff the enemy (e.g. Strip Armor).

Character upgrades[edit | edit source]

Level Upgrade options Other bonuses
2 Meltdown
Electro Core reduces target armor by 1
Blade Specialist I
Increased accuracy with throwing knives
+1 to:
3 Earth Attunement
+1 Earth Elemental fetish per mission
Fire Attunement
+1 Fire Elemental fetish per mission
+1 to:
4 Nerve Spear
Basic Nerve Bolt now flushes targets from cover
Battle Hardened
+1 armor
+1 to:
5 Conductivity
+1 Electro Core area of effect
Electro Core casting cost reduces to 1 AP
+1 to:
6 Dragonslayer's Wrath
Damages all enemies within 3 tiles for 16 damage, then deal 5 damage and reduces AP by 1 per turn
(1 AP, 3 turn duration)
Dragonslayer's Shield
-2 incoming damage
(1 AP, 3 tile radius, 3 turn duration)
+1 AP
+1 to: