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EffectUsed for decking; determines chance to hit with programs and the Mark Target ability, and the decks that can be equipped
Governing attributeIntelligence
Maximum valueTroll: 6, Orc: 8, Human, Elf, Dwarf: 9
SpecializationsESP Control

Decking is a skill in Shadowrun.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Used by deckers to determine the chance to hit with programs, the accuracy and potency of the Mark Target ability, the quality of cyberdecks which can be equipped, access to the Matrix, interaction with electronic devices and is sometimes used in conversation.

Usefulness: The Dead Man's Switch[edit | edit source]

  • It is the most profitable (outside of regular combat) and heavily used skill in the game for skill checks. See rewards for more info.
    • Even non-deckers technically use the decking skill once.
  • Decking does not require an actual deck in the inventory for skill checks, mark target or to enter the matrix. Without one you're limited to 1 AP, 1 program and basic attacks only in the matrix, for missions without this component however the PC may use other weapons (or Drones) in it's place without immediate Karma investment for an additional weapon slot.
    • There are no significant Matrix events prior to the tier 3 deck becoming available, this means the PC can sell the starter deck they receive (375 Nuyen), skip the tier 2 entirely and buy the third (requires decking 5) at a significant discount (due to nuyen saved).
  • Mark target is a debuff on the enemy versus a buff for self or the group. This means it stacks with accuracy buffs such as Eagle totems, and Aim spells. It will also improve the accuracy of drones and spirits, whereas totems and spells will not.
  • Being defeated in the matrix will not result in death (unless HP is low), it inflicts feedback damage and a stun. Cap of 20 HP damage is in place. Black IC can inflict feedback damage on HP rather than IP. This can result in death also.
    • Drones will shut down while in the matrix. Decking requires all AP.
  • NPC deckers can't pass skill checks for the PC at consoles, etc that have a decking check. They can however enter the Matrix on the PC's behalf, though this is only required in three missions (Mercy Mental Hospital, Beneath the Brotherhood (decker is provided for free) and Telestrian Industries). This makes deckers the worst possible hire for all other missions.
    • There are no mercenary NPC runners with a decking skill greater than 5 (late game, early and mid game their skill is lower), therefore they are less effective than the PC at quickly completing tasks in the Matrix.
  • ESPs are entirely optional, even on Very Hard for a PC decker focusing on the skill and using a tier 3 deck (Killer, Blaster, Erosion, double heals).
  • End game enemies are immune to mark target.
  • The highest required decking skill for a check and to easily defeat Matrix challenges without ESP is 6.
    • This means player character Trolls are the most karmic efficient combat deckers in the game due to essentially gaining +4 karma spread over two combat Attributes. The fact Nitro, a close combat stimulant is found as the first reward (not counting profit from selling deck) may or may not be intentional. Humans are next as the most efficient, followed by Orks.
      • Suggested Outfits, Cyberware and Stimulants.
      • Troll, balanced (good for Aegis Mk. 1 Launcher): Secure ninja clothing, Refurb UCAS shock gear, High grade street armor. Datajack only until alpha gear. Yamatetsu cyberarm, Shiawase bone lacing (kevlar) and Universal Omnitech cyberleg. All stimulants are beneficial to a close combat decker.
      • Troll, offense (worst for launcher): Same as above. Datajack until alpha gear. Yamatetsu cyberarm x2, Shiawase bone lacing (kevlar) and Renraku's alpha cybereye. Same as above.
      • Troll, defense (best for launcher): Same as above. Datajack only until alpha gear. Renraku alpha cybereye, Universal Omnitech cyberleg x2. Same as above.

Unlocks[edit | edit source]

Rewards: The Dead Man's Switch[edit | edit source]

There are 24 instances of the skill being used (including mark target), however some have no special rewards, or provide strategic advantage to missions.

  • Seamstresses Union, upstairs when investigating Coyote's room. A locked door and her terminal. +1 Nitro inside the teddy bear behind the locked door, quicker access to her computer. Requires 2 and 3 decking.
  • The Royale Apartments, can download the BTL currently being recorded and access the elevator controls from the main BTL console. Requires 2 and 3 decking.
  • The Warehouse, office computer contains Incriminating Evidence. Sells to Van Graas for 800 nuyen, 1,000 with Shadowrunner Etiquette. Requires 4 decking.
  • Coyote's Crusade, can face off against the BTL gang leader in the Matrix. No extra rewards, just for flavor. Requires 1 decking, though it will be much easier with a greater amount.
  • Seamstresses Union, safehouse downstairs following the spirit summoning at the warehouse. Conversation use (1 option with 0 decking, 3 options with the skill), and two matrix missions. Requires 0, 1, 2, and 4 decking.
  • Mercy Mental Hospital, first available terminal overrides door and grants access to Buyer Records. Turn in to Mrs. Kubota for +2 karma. Requires 1 decking, though it will be much easier with a greater amount.
  • The Universal Brotherhood, can print a Home Access Keycard or Inner Sanctum Keycard at printing terminal and hack the kitchen door. The first bypasses the need to manually research at the unsecured terminals. The second makes the turret guarded door easier to get past, it results in more loot by granting access to more of Beneath the Brotherhood. The kitchen door behind the vending machine can try to be hacked, or successfully hacked and leads to a shorter route to reach Jessica Watts. Shane's body will be present regardless of chosen path, just in different locations. Requires 4, 6, 1 and 5 decking respectively.
  • Beneath the Brotherhood, Marie-Louise Telestrian must enter the matrix on your behalf to unlock the escape route. Requires 1 decking, though she possesses 6.
  • Corporate Extraction, terminal contains Renraku Research Data. Turn in to Mr. Johnson with the scientist for an additional 1,500 nuyen. Requires 6 decking. May also turn the turrets on Renraku security forces, and Basilisks. Requires 1 decking, though it will be much easier with a greater amount.
  • Telestrian Industries, can turn turrets on security forces and required to progress story. Requires 1 decking, though it will be much easier with a greater amount.
  • Into the Depths, safe at the end of the level, across bridge on left. Contains a Doc Wagon Platinum Trauma Kit. Requires 5 decking.